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  • Version: 4.516
  • Publisher: www.dextronet.com
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  • Date: Nov 03, 2016
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Free Download Task List Guru 4.516

Task List Guru is freeware todo manager for your tasks and notes, a simple task list organizer. Task List Guru is a free task list organizer ideal for personal task management and small project management. You can organize not just tasks, but also task lists, notes and reminders. Task List Guru has a hierarchical task list tree with icons that allows you to organize all your todo lists and notes in a structure with icons. You can choose from 48 different colorful icons for your to-do lists - this makes using this organizer fun.

When it comes to task management, Task List Guru allows you to specify Priority, Due Date, Type, reminder and notes for each task.

It has many features (see the list below), including the ability to carry it with you on a USB stick. Also, reminder (alarm) can be easily activated for any of your tasks. Reminders have excellent snooze feature.

One of the greatest features is the ability to drag & drop everything using mouse to reorder it. Easily reorder tasks and to-do lists with just one click. The program will remember your custom task order.

Task List Guru Features:
1. Super easy to use, intuitive and attractive design
2. Hierarchical task list tree with 48 different icons to choose from for your task lists
3. Reminders with snooze feature
4. Task notes
5. Clipboard support (cut/copy/paste tasks and to-do lists)
6. Undo/redo
7. Reorder tasks and task lists using drag & drop
8. Print
9. Export to HTML and CSV (Excel compatible)
10. Customize priorities
11. Portable (can be deployed to USB flash drive)
12. Color tasks by priorities
13. Highlight tasks with today and expired due dates
14. Multi-column sorting
15. Create task-independent notes in the tree ("memos")
16. Global hotkey to activate the program
17. Global hotkey to add new task
18. Customizable fonts, colors, and more
19. Easy database backup
20. Can be set always on top

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this organizer software.

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