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  • Date: Jul 18, 2011
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Tas/cker Task Tracker is a time-tracking tool to record the time spent for each defined task for each day. You can define any number of tasks for each day, and easy-to-click buttons to start the time tally for each task. Summary reports may be generated on a weekly basis, ideal for reporting time charges in corporate offices, among other uses.

How to use:
1. Set Work Date - Normally set to the current date, this tells Tas/cker to log all tasks to the selected date, even if your work day extends to the next day, or when certain tasks should be logged to a different day instead of today.
2. Define Tasks - enumerate the tasks to be done for the day; for recurring tasks, Tas/cker can reload the tasks from the previously recorded work day. You can have one task taking up the entire day, or multiple tasks dividing your work day.
3. Begin Task - this starts the logging of time for the task. Only one task can be timed at any one time, where starting a new task stops the logging of the previous task. You can return to logging any previous tasks if it another task happen to run in the middle of one.

Tas/cker should be installed with the SETUP.EXE file. This will help you install other required Microsoft support programs, like the .NET Framework and the SQL Server Compact Edition. The installer TasckerInstaller.msi contains only the core Tas/cker program, and will not assist you to download and install other Microsoft programs required to run Tas/cker.

Please Note: When installing in Windows Vista or Windows 7, SETUP.EXE should be run as an Administrator.

* .NET Framework

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this time clock software.

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