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  • Date: Sep 17, 2008
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Tag and M3U Download
Free Download Tag and M3U 1.7 Build 715

This is an ID3 tagging utility that lets you set the parameters on multiple files in your music library. Define ID3 tags by folder name, file name and existing tag fields. Rename files by ID3 tags. Search local music files in your music library. Create, edit and manage M3U playlists according to your preferences. Remove underscores and spaces, capitalize titles automatically, set track numbers using the track-numbering tool, and synchronize ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags. The interface supports multiple languages.
Tag and M3U is a music management utility designed for music fans. With Tag and M3U you can quickly and easily rename your music collection using the embedded tag data within *.mp3, *.wma, *.mp4 and *.m4a files, write new or edit existing tag information batchly, create tags based on folder name,file name and existing tag fields and creating, editing and managing your favorite m3u playlist.

Tag and M3U Features:
* Rename music files easily rename files individually or whole directories at a time with the information from music tag value, preview changes before renaming or undo the last renaming process, rename the folder (including sub folders) containing your music files, and manually edit files names
* Editing tags for multiple or individual file edit tags for multiple or single files, automatically fill in tag fields with the information extracted from file name
* Extract tag info from folder name, file name, even the existing tag field use mask expression to extract tag info from folder, file or existing tag fields
* Support many ID3 tag frames even including MusicMatch Jukebox special tag fields
* Set or remove Read Only attribute for files individually or whole directories at a time
* Powerful undo and redo feature for your mistagging, misrenaming the music files or misediting playlists
* Flexible mask editor for file name easily mask filename with multiple tag fields including wildcard
* Four case options for file name or ID3 tag fields UPPERCASE, lowercase, Capitalize First Letter and Capitalize first word case options
* Support ID3v1 and ID3v2 mp3 tags, wma tags, mptags and Apple iPod m4a tags also support cover art field
* Tags synchronization wizard helps you synchronize ID3v1 and ID3v2 tag data
* Load Taginfo file for the whole album music files you can load a text file which contains taginfo, then save them into the whole album music files
* Trim all fields helps you trim leading and trailing spaces in all fields
* Change Field Case helps you change the case of the specified field
* Supply Copy or Swap Tag Field tools
* Supply Format Track Number tools
* Provide mass changing file extension name between .m4a and .mp
* M3u playlists managing Create m3u playlists using the unique Quick Save playlist feature. Use professional m3u playlist editor to edit the m3u files. You can navigate m3u playlist by artists, albums or Genres. Copy and paste music file items in playlist
* Smart search for music files easily search for music files with tag information. Then generate m3u playlist from the found files
* Powerful Export function Tag and M3U can export both selected files in file list and current playlist to several kinds of file formats(HTML, Text, Tab Separated Text, Comma Separated Text, Excel, Word)
* Play music files listen to your MP3 or WMA files using your favorite music player. In addition, Tag and M3U can control Winamp 1.x, 2.x ,5.x very well
* Support multiple languages for music fans all over the world Also you can setting your preferred display font for interface

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $39.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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