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Tablature is a system for writing down music that is played on stringed instruments such as the guitar or bass. In tablature, there is one line for each string on the instrument. The bottom line corresponds to the lowest string; the top line corresponds to the highest string. Numbers indicate which frets are to be played, with the exception of zero (0), which means the string should be played open.

Much like a text editor, nearly all editing in TabIt is done with the keyboard. The arrow keys are used to move the cursor, and numbers are entered using the normal number keys on the keyboard. In TabIt, the spacebar is used to a delete a number under the cursor. (Refer to the Keyboard Commands help topic for a list of more editing keys that you may use.)

TabIt uses a "ruler," which can be seen at the top of the editing window, to determine the length of each note. The long lines represent quarter notes, the medium-sized lines represent eighth notes, and the shortest lines represent sixteenth notes. So for example, if you were entering a quarter note, you would type in the number, then press the right arrow key four times, so that you arrive at the next long line on the ruler.

TabIt Features:
1. Playback: Enter tablature, then play it back through your computer speakers.
2. Multiple tracks: Tabs can have up to 15 different instruments (chosen from a list of 128) playing simultaneously.
3. Drum tracks: Augment your tabs with up to 47 different drums.
4. Printing.
5. Text file export: Convert your tabs into plain text files.
6. MIDI file export: Convert your tabs into standard MIDI files, suitable for playing or editing in other programs.

* Disabled: Ability to play more than one track simultaneously
* Disabled: Ability to export tablature to MIDI files
* Disabled: Ability to print an unlimited number of pages

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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