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  • Date: Aug 25, 2012
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    Contact Management
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Free Download TSC Free Address Book 2.30.00

TSC Free Address Book is an easy to use program to keep track of your contacts and print letters, labels and lists. The program allows you to create an unlimited number of letters using the built-in letter writer that includes spell checking. With this program you can assign your contacts to one or more lists, such as a Christmas Card or Club List. You can create an unlimited number of list with TSC Free Address Book. You can print letters or labels to an individual, to all members of a list or to everyone in the database. Using the easy to use query wizard you can filter individual list or databases to print to exactly the individuals you want. You can mark a contact as active or inactive for any mailing list. You can then choose to mail to only active, inactive or both members of a list depending upon your needs. You can use a user defined keyword list to define a list of criteria (i.e. products, interests, customer types, etc.) that can be assigned to individuals. More than one keyword can be assigned to an individual for flexibility. Use the list building utility which allows an entire mailing list to be created quickly. Simply fill in criteria to select a unique group of people (i.e. by keywords, state, birthday) and check the results. Add on to existing list one person at a time, or add a group of people with the list building utility. You can also create an unlimited number of databases. With the letter writer you can create letters in multiple languages and the correct language letter will be printed based on the contacts language stored in the database.

Quickly get driving directions to any address in your database. Press the Address Info button and get detailed information about and address such as latitude, longitude, time zone, Congressional Representative, census tract, census block, county, school district, delivery post office and much more. Email a contact with the touch of a button. Print letters, labels or listings to the screen for preview, printer, PDF, text, XML or HTML that can be posted on the web.

You can import data into the system from data stored in dBase, ASCII comma delimited or Excel format. You can also export your data in dBase, ASCII delimited, ASCII flat file, Excel and HTML formats. The program has a zip compatible backup and restore module to protect your data

The program stores an unlimited number of contacts.

TSC Free Address Book Features:
1. Stores unlimited contacts and addresses
2. Mail-merge. Merge fields from the database into the letters for printing
3. Create an unlimited number of mailing list such as relatives, co-workers, employees, club members etc.
4. Assign people to one or more mailing list.
5. Store notes about each individual list
6. Assign interest/keywords to each individual (e,g. books, baseball, cooking, sewing, etc)
7. Build mailing list based on individuals interest.
8. Built-in Letter Writer
9. Stores unlimited number of letters
10. Mail merge addresses
11. Store letters in multiple languages
12. Automatically print letter in the language of the contact
13. Includes full feature spell checker
14. Print letters to the screen, printer, pdf, html, xml and text
15. Letters can be printed for an individual(s), a list (e.g. Christmas list) or to everyone in the database
16. Print labels in popular formats
17. Can manually add additional label formats
18. Print labels to the screen, printer, pdf, html, xml and text
19. Labels can be printed for an individual(s), a list (e.g. Christmas list) or to everyone in the database
20. Click the address info button to obtain information about entered addresses such as:
21. Zip + 4 data
22. latitude
23. longitude
24. County
25. Congressional Representative
26. Census track
27. Census block
28. School district
29. Delivery Post Office and much more.
30. Click the MapQuest button to obtain a map of the selected address and obtain driving directions.
31. Click the Email button to send an email to the selected person
32. Multiple search methods.
33. "Quick locate" allows you find anything by typing the first few letters of the title, author,subject and other selected fields.
34. "Query Wizard" Query Wizard allows you to create and save your own queries in plain English. The Query Wizard interface is very easy to use and guides you through building simple or complex queries step by step.
35. You can use the queries to view the selected data in the browse window or to print to a report. You have the ability to view and or print just the items you want.
36. Can create an unlimited number of databases.
37. Backup/Restore Utility that creates backups in industry standard zip format
38. Import/Export - import data from Excel, dBase or ASCII format. Export data to dBase III, dBase IV, ASCII delimited, Flat ASCII, Excel and HTML web page format. Export/import both the book and borrower database.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this contact management software.

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