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  • Date: Oct 16, 2010
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TRIADEM StylePlugs is a fashion and textile design PlugIns for Adobe Photoshop, it provides textile design PlugIns for Adobe Photoshop. They are an extension of the efficient tools for Photoshop of textile functionalities for providing fabric patterns. They are an ideal tool for fashion and textile designers, who provide their patterns by standard graphic software. There are PlugIns for print design, pattern design, coloration and fabric design.
Fashion and textile design plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop: Printdesign, Creating Repeats, Colorways, Dobby Weaving. Expand your great Adobe Photoshop software with nice fashion and textile design plug-ins to improve your working area for textile design.
The TRIADEM StylePlugs are the new edition of textile design software. They offers now new and unique functions to create woven fabric simulations, printdesigns, repeats and colorways with perfect screen-paper color control in Adobe Photoshop.

The color list PlugIn ColorList makes the mixing of colors in order to get your collection colors easy, using the RGB or CMYK values at the same time. Photoshop Swatches can be opened and edited.
After the color lists are made, you can print a colorbook, with the integrated layout module. This module will allow you to choose the information being printed, RGB, CMYK, name of the color and a colorfield. These colorlists can be saved as Photoshop swatches, allowing you to use them directly in Photoshop . ColorList cames with a printable colorbook of 64,000 colors.

With the Coloration PlugIn you will create your colorways, out of a design you composed with scanned images. You will be able to group the colors of your original design in the seen" colors of the design. This can be made manually or automatically.
After this step, you may change the colors in your design, dropping the colors of your colorcard in the colors to change. In this way, you will be able to do up to 16 colorways for each design.
The rendering of the colorways can be done in full colors or flat colors. The different colorways can then be drawn each on a different layer of the original design with swatches of the colors used in the design.

Weaver: Dobby Weaving Simulation
Weaver creates woven textile patterns. It enables you to create checks, stripes and madras in many different variations and of high quality. With access to the collection color list you can start weaving straight ahead with the apropriate yarn color.

Repeater: Pattern Repeats & All-Overs
Repeater allows you to make repeats of a design. The base pattern being shifted horizontally or vertically in the tiling, or being dispersed in an all-over with rotations and symmetries.

* Adobe Photoshop

* Launching the software as Demo will give you full functionallity, but won't actualy change your image.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR1980.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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