TOTO Mail Sender

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  • Version: 1.2
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  • Date: Oct 08, 2010
  • License: Freeware
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    Bulk Email Software
TOTO Mail Sender Download
Free Download TOTO Mail Sender 1.2

TOTO Mail Sender can quickly send emails to multiple contacts at the same time.

TOTO Mail Sender Features:
1. Send emails on threads let me set the threads (1,2,3....etc). On threads I mean to send a package of message using a smtp and a proxy, change the both smtp and proxy when the package of messages was sent.
2. Log the job and let me see how manny message was sent and how manny was unsent. Let me save unsent messages (emails address)
3. Supports huge email lists without affecting memory
4. Attachment support
5. Use delay between sending emails (between threads, let me know to set the delay time in seconds)
6. Option to stop the email sending process and start again from where it left at a later time
7. Powerful variable (macro) support - You can define variables and associate text files to them so when you will use them in your custom messages. A line will be picked from the file that will replace the variable in the text where you have placed the variable. Example: seting a variable #LINK# and associating a text file with it will replace any match of the variable in the fields with a line from the associated file.
8. Count the lines when needed (when the smtp/proxy/emails list is viewed please count all informations)

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this bulk email software.

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