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  • Date: Mar 02, 2014
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TMS Data Modeler is a tool for modeling databases with an easy and simple interface. It provides powerful features you need, such as diagramming, reverse engineering, SQL script generation and version control. It keeps track of your changes and generates SQL scripts to update your database according to them. It has smooth integration with development tools like Delphi and C++Builder. And all of these features are accessible through a very pleasant user interface.

Features and benefits
1. Generic tool that allows comprehensive modeling for databases.
2. High performance and easy-to-use, intuitive interface.
3. Supports the main database management systems (DBMS) such as SQL Server and Firebird.
4. Stores the database structure in its own file format (DGP).
5. Generates scripts to create complete databases or update existing databases.
6. Performs reverse engineering to recover the structure of an existing database, allowing better visualization and adjustments.
7. Controls database versions through history management: you can follow up changes and generate update scripts.
8. Creates entity-relationship diagrams.
9. Converts between different DBMS.
10. Offers resources for integration with external systems (by reading the DGP file or by execution through command line).
11. Checks consistency, validating all items on the data dictionary.
12. Error report allows updates and improvements.

TMS Data Modeler Features:
Design your database model
1. Entity relationship diagram editor (ER diagram)
2. Create tables in diagram and/or in tab forms
3. Multi-diagram interface
4. Project validation allows you to trace errors in your model
5. Supports logical (application-level) domains
6. Design tables, fields, domains, indexes, triggers, relationships, constraints, views, procedures, generators and other database objects
7. Several database systems supported and more will be added

Database development lifecycle
1. Reverse engineering of existing databases
2. Generate SQL (DDL) scripts to create databases
3. Keep track of your changes by archiving and managing versions
4. Compare models between versions or between projects
5. Generate Alter SQL scripts to update database according to changes
6. Convert model to a different database system
7. TMS Data Modeler can be integrated with Delphi and C++Builder

Simple and easy
1. Automatic online updates
2. Modern ribbon interface
3. Tables and other objects organized in tabs, all accessible through one click
4. Easy and quick navigation. Create tables and fields swiftly
5. Multi-project interface in Microsoft Office 2010 style, with cutting edge design

This version supports the following database management systems:
1. Microsoft SQL Azure
2. Microsoft SQL Server 2008
3. Microsoft SQL Server 2005
4. Microsoft SQL Server 2000
5. Oracle 10g
6. MySQL 5.1
7. NexusDB
8. Absolute
9. Firebird 2

* Limited to 10 tables per project
* Save function is disabled

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR95.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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