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  • Date: Oct 07, 2010
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TB Strobe Tuner Download
Free Download TB Strobe Tuner 2.20

Tune fast and accurately, your instrument deserves it. The stroboscopic tuning is the most accurate music instrument tuning with the precision of 0.1 cents. In contrast to common chromatic tuners, the stroboscopic effect works in a time domain, therefore the response is instant and the tuning accuracy is more than 10x higher.

TB Strobe Tuner Features:
1. PC software strobe tuner for Microsoft Windows platform
2. Fast and accurate tuning (0.1 cents)
3. Great sensitivity
4. Perfect for studio recording
5. Necessary for setting the intonation of your guitar
6. Strobe effect = visualization of what people with perfect pitch hear
7. If the pattern rotates left, the note is flat. If it rotates right, the note is sharp. If it is stationary, you are in tune.
8. Even if you have perfect pitch, the strobe tuner will make your life way easier when tuning in noisy environments (with guitar pickup or clip)

Built-in and user-defined presets
1. Piano stretch tunings, Open string tunings
2. Create your own tunings easily
3. User-defined skins
4. Let's e-mail us your interesting presets and skins - we will put them on this website so other users can download them.

How many cents my note is flat or sharp?
Let's play the tone, click on the 'Cents' scrollbar in Tuning Calibration panel and change the value (eg. with cursor keys or scroll button) to the value when the rotation of the strobe pattern stops. Then the value says how many cents you are out of the tune.

* The demo version provides full functionality with a limitation - the A4 tone calibration is fixed to 442 Hz, the cent offset is fixed to 0 and cents are disabled in Presets.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $4.90, you can free download and get a free trial.

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