System Monitoring Protocol

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    Network Inventory
System Monitoring Protocol Download
Free Download System Monitoring Protocol 13.2.6

System Monitoring Protocol allows you to track hardware and software installed on computers on the network (that have the supplied client application installed). You can examine installed hardware devices and software programs, track hardware modifications and more. In addition, the program provides a way to exchange messages, view the remote desktop, run applications and transfer files. You can create reports of installed hardware and software as well as statistical data across all machines. System Monitoring Protocol provides internal viewers for remote software and configurations, however reports and statistics can only be exported to CSV, tab delimited or HTML file. The price is based on 10 licenses. The product is priced at $19 per client machine.

SMP is real-time and interactive PC inventory and help desk software for enterprises. SMP enables you can examine your hundreds or thousands of client PCs' hardware and software automatically, track inventory modifications and upgrade requirements.
SMP also provides an easy way to check software license compliance, file integrity check, remotely control client computers, and manage all PC inventory and help desk issues.

Benefits only in SMP:
* Integration of PC inventory management and maintenance by desktop remote control and file transfer function
* Real-time hardware and software modification detection
* Integrated management of networked PC and off-line PC
* Multiple administration
* Flexible reports
* Powerful control functions
* Business-centric built-in functions
* Robust communication server engine and compact protocol: Server handles the hundreds, thousands client PC's network data without delay.
* Built-in Network-to-Database direct mapping technology: Server updates the database quickly.
* Compact client module: No overload in the client PC.

SMP is mainly configured with one SMP server PC and several SMP client PC that are connected via TCP/IP.
After the installation, SMP server can fetch hardware, software inventory data from SMP client PC automatically.
SMP console enables the several staff access to the SMP server's data and remotely control client PC concurrently.
SMP spider enables you fetch the off-line PC's inventory data.

You can get the following PC hardware and software inventory data from your PCs:
Hardware Information
IP address, Computer name, Login name, Department, Etc, CPU, RAM, OS, Disk, CD-ROM, Media card, Modem, Video card, Monitor, Printer, Mouse, Keyboard, Network card, SCSI, USB, Current process, Screen settings.
Software Information
Software name, version, publisher, install location, registered customer/company, product ID (serial no.) install date, estimated size.
With these data, you can make reports,
* Hardware list, statistics
* Software list, statistics
* Hardware modifications
* Integrated hardware, software, modifications and notes
* to the following formats,

In addition, SMP detects automatically,
* Hardware modification of each PC
* Software modification of each PC
* IP address change/movement

SMP includes following Control functions,
* Run - Run a program or a command in clients
* Shutdown - Shut down or reboot clients
* Screen Capture - Capture a client's screen and view
* Send Message - Send a short message to client users
* File Integrity Check - Check file integrity based on the MD5 , SHA-1 algorithm to check virus infection, system instability, etc.

In professional edition, you can also use the powerful features including,
* Remote/multiple administration by SMP console
** Off-line PC management by SMP spider
Desktop remote control
File transfer
External command execution

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $262.50, you can free download and get a free trial.

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