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  • Date: Jul 16, 2011
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Sysquake LE Download
Free Download Sysquake LE 4.1

Sysquake LE is the free basic version of Sysquake. The interactive design CAD tool. Sysquake is innovative, powerful and flexible software for understanding systems, solving problems, and designing products. What makes it special is its unparalleled graphical interactivity.

Sysquake's purpose is to support this kind of design in fields such as automatic control and signal processing. Several graphics are displayed simultaneously, and some of them contain elements which can be manipulated with the mouse. During the manipulation, all the graphics are updated to reflect the change. What the graphics show and how their update is performed are not fixed, but depend on programs written in an easy-to-learn language specialized for numerical computation. Several programs are included with Sysquake for common tasks, such as the design of PID controllers; but you are free to modify them to better suit your needs and to write new ones for other design methods or new applications.

Another area where Sysquake shines is teaching. Replacing the static figures you find in books or the animations you see on the Web with interactive graphics, where the student can manipulate himself the curves to acquire an intuitive understanding of the theory they represent, accelerates and improves the learning process tremendously.

Sysquake LE as a viewer
As a viewer, Sysquake LE lets the user load interactive graphics and play with them to acquire a better, intuitive understanding of the meaning of the graphics. Files can be located locally on the hard disk or the CD-ROM of the computer Sysquake LE runs on, or on the World Wide Web; in this case, the Web browser may be configured to launch Sysquake LE automatically when a link to an interactive graphics is clicked.

Sysquake LE as a development environment
Developing for Sysquake LE is very similar to developing for Sysquake. The lack of low-level file access and of the advanced data exchange mechanism makes more difficult to exchange data seamlessly with other applications.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this cad software.

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