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  • Date: Apr 30, 2010
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SyncDesk Download
Free Download SyncDesk 2.0

A simple synchronization system using an external drive. SyncDesk is a simple synchronization system that helps you to overcome these issues by utilizing an external device such as a hard drive or thumb drive to manage and perform your daily synchronization tasks. It gives giving you the illusion of only one single 'desk' that exists at all your work locations and that one desk that keeps the updated copies of all your documents, files and folders. You do not need to possess high levels of technical skills to administer SyncDesk because its functionalities are so simple that anyone can use it as a personal assistant to update and safe-keep their important work documents, files and folders. This simplicity is the concept behind our motto: "You think it, we sync it!"

These are the simple steps that you will need to carry out after installing SyncDesk:
1.Register the computers you want to synchronize with
2.Create synchronization tasks, that will only need 3 pieces of information
* Task name (for you to identify the task)
* Computers to be included in this synchronization
* Folder path you want to synchronize
3.You're done! The software will now synchronize automatically every time you plug the external disk into your computer.

What is special about SyncDesk?
1. Every time we delete files, we move them to the recycle bin. Hence, if you remove something that you need from another computer and that got propagated over, you can just find your file in your recycle bin.
2. We synchronize files/folders over multiple computers (N-way sync) using an intermediary device
3. Step-by-step guide the first time you run the software so there is less of a learning curve.

1. The external disk has to be on an NTFS system.
2. If the external disk or the computer is on a FAT32 system then each file to be synchronized has to be less than 4GB.
3. Operating system of computers: Windows XP and above
4. All computers added to a particular task should be running on same OS.
5. SyncDesk only works on 32-bit OS and should not be used on 64-bit systems.

And of course, since you only have one desk, you should not need to do a lot of work in order to make sure your files get home safely. That is why we will be striving to make SyncDesk as user-friendly as possible!
Give SyncDesk a try to see what its all about!

* External drive has to be on an NTFS system
* If the external drive is on a FAT32 system, each file to be synchronized has to be less than 4GB.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this file sync software.

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