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Do you have any important documents, projects and other data? Hard disk failure, data damage or deletion by not recognized until now virus, may happen everyone in any time. There are much more similar dangers. Are you ready for a computer disaster? Applications can be reinstalled from your original install disks, but data files can't! What would you do if you lost all of your Email data, how about your created documents, database files or family pictures? Don't have the money to buy a raid backup system? That's all right! A powerful and dependable file and data backup tool can avoid your trouble and bother. There is an excellent and popular file backup tools I will show you. That is SyncBack. Come on with me and view how handy and effective it is!

SyncBack is an easy to use yet powerful enough data backup and synchronization utility. With SyncBack we can easily backup or synchronize our important files to another drive, FTP server, ZIP archive, networked drive, or removable media. SyncBack is highly configurable, but extremely simple to use! SyncBack has a friendly and easy-to-use interface, so we can backup our important files and data by simply few clicks. This means we can save lot of our precious time and energy or money. SyncBack is a very nice, easy to use and full-functions data backup and restore tool. Not only can beginners use it simply but also experienced users can also use it for advanced application. It is an ideal solution for system administrators and network administrators.

Following are some key functions and benefits of SyncBack, including:

SyncBack is a great program to backup, synchronize, or restore files, with easy scheduling. It provides two modes for us, easy mode and expert mode.

With easy mode we can choose the kind of backup or synchronization we wish to perform. How SyncBack will perform its task under different circumstances. How the program will handle the copying and deleting of files. What file types are copied and which are not. How SyncBack processes directories.

Expert mode has an additional nine tabs that allow us to define how SyncBack functions: Fine tune the way SyncBack handles file change detection. Compress the files in the destination and choose the level of compression. Define the destination directory as one situated on an FTP server. Define the Username and Password to use for our Network source and/or destination directory. How SyncBack processes directories. Email the log file after the profile has run. Define the priority of Background Backups and how we will be notified when they are running. Define what programs will close before running a profile by entering the contents of their title bar. Define what programs will run before and/or after the profile runs. Choose when to display log files; whether to eject the source or destination drive media after profile is run; or define a schedule for the profile or group.

Additional advanced functions of SyncBack include: Great graphics and improved interface. Background backups and synchronizations. Export and import profiles. Simulated run and restore. HTML and text logs. Set differences window. Show groups only. Start with Windows. Definable double-click actions. Update check. File filtering. FTP capabilities. Network capabilities. Select programs to run before and after task. Select programs to close before task. Right click menu. Comprehensive and integrated help file and much more.

Tired of reparative backup task? Dreaming of processing all backup tasks automatically by your computer? Of course you can! Why not download this excellent file backup tool and enjoy your time now!

SyncBack is a flexible, and quite powerful backup and synchronization program that allows to to maintain backup copies of your files and folder, or to synchronize them, so that both locations always have a complete copy (e.g Laptop/PC). It offers different types of actions that let you choose how older and newer files are processed, which files should be excluded (by mask) and more. It offers standard file comparison based on the date and size, as well as optional MD5 checksum, which will detect even the slightest modifications to files. SyncBack also supports scheduled projects, FTP and zip compression of backups, as well as network login, simulation runs and more.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, at home or work, SyncBackSE ensures your most valuable asset, data, remains protected. Discover why SyncBackSE has become the favoured backup and synchronization solution of individuals, businesses, and non-profits, the world over.

Protect your data
Backup all your important files anytime with a single click, & use the scheduler to automate your backups.

Recover your lost files easily
When disaster strikes, click a single button to restore. Save stress and time with a simple recovery process.

Copy Open Files (XP/Vista/2003/2008/7)
Backup 'live' documents
Now there's no need to close your programs to backup files. Keep Outlook, Word, Excel etc. running as your files are backed up.

Keep previous versions
Create "backup snapshots" of your files so that you can recover your data by "rolling back" to a specific time. You define how many versions suit your needs.

Incremental Backups
Does what is required
Only new and changed files are copied. Incremental backups are supported, and variables can be used, e.g. backup to a folder based on the current date.

FTP and Email
Online access
Backup or sync files with an FTP server. Encryption, compression, and Unicode is supported. Auto email the results of your backup.

Performance & Throttling
As fast as can be
Everything is done as fast as it possibly can be. If you need to slow it down, e.g. limit bandwidth usage, then you can.

Industry leading online support
Complete and exhaustive help file. Free technical support, online forums, knowledge base, and frequently asked questions.

Work with 2 or more computers
Ensure your workstation, laptop, and networked computers have the same files. 'Smart Sync' (2-way file sync) does the work.

Keep confidential data private
Keep your backups completely secure with 256-bit AES encryption. Military level security ensures your peace of mind.

Keep your files small
Compress your backups using the latest compression technology. You can compress an unlimited size, and an unlimited number of files.

Set it and forget it
Once you've created your backup/sync profile you can have it scheduled to run without any user interaction. You don't need to remember to backup your files.

Multi-Award Winning
Consistently rated number 1

Great Price
Outstanding value
A single user license for SyncBackSE covers its use on up to 5 computers for personal use. Volume licensing for businesses.

Advanced Customization
A superb array of options
SyncBackSE has a dazzling array of options for advanced users. Check out the Comprehensive List of Features.

Vista and 64-bit Compatible
Tested and Optimized for Vista
SyncBackSE has undergone exhaustive testing by the technical team and users on the ground to ensure Vista compatibility.

Main Features:
1. Copy locked or open files (XP/Vista/2003/2008/7)
2. Fast Backup and Smart Synchronization
3. Versioning (keep previous backup versions)
4. Powerful FTP engine & AES encryption
5. Superb feature set and customization
6. Generous Licensing Policy
7. Extensive Help Documentation

* Great Benefits
Copy locked/open files (XP/2003/Vista/7), versioning, enjoy the benefits of a great FTP engine, and speed through backups using 'Fast Backup'.
* Easy and Expert Modes
SyncBackSE has both an Easy and Expert mode that makes it perfect for both beginners and power users.
* Extensive Options
SyncBackSE allows the user to fine tune their backup and synchronization tasks with a comprehensive array of options.
* Helpful Wizards
The Profile Wizard steps the user through creating a backup or synchronization profile, the Restore Wizard assists the user when they need to retrieve their files, and the easy to use Technical Wizard creates files the technical support team require to assist you if you run into difficulties.
* Generous Licensing
Personal users may legally use SyncBackSE on up to 5 computers for home use so all your backup needs are covered with one small payment.
* Industry Leading Help and Support
SyncBackSE comes with an extensive Help File, and users can access our dedicated Support Area which features our KnowledgeBase, FAQs, TroubleShooter and more.

A single user license for SyncBackSE covers its use on up to 5 computers for personal use. If you also intend to use SyncBackSE to process business related data on a separate computer, then you should buy a second license.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file sync software.

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