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SwarMala is a complete software package for music composition and accompaniment. SwarMala is a complete software package for music composition and accompaniment using Indian musical instruments, and consists of two main components
1. SwarMala Composer (sampler and sequencer for Indian musical instruments)
2. SwarMala Accompaniment (multi-instrument accompaniment for Indian classical singers and musicians)

SwarMala composer is the software application which you can use for composing music using the instruments in SwarMala. It consists of a multi-track sequencer engine, with support for up to 16 independent channels (tracks). Each track can be composed using one of the built-in instruments or a user-defined instrument (Professional Edition only). The composition can be saved in the proprietary SwarMala file format (*.swr, *.smp) or exported as a standard MIDI file or a WAV file (Professional Edition only). In

Key Features:
1. Intuitive, friendly and familiar Windows user interface
2. Sound banks for several Indian instruments, with high quality sounds recorded by well-known artists. The instruments included with SwarMala are: Harmonium, Sarod, Sitar, Bansuri (Bamboo flute), Santoor, Shahnai, Sundree, Tabla, Pakhawaj, Dholaki and Tanpura (drones)
3. Ability to add your own instrument(s) to SwarMala for composition
4. Full featured multi-track sequencer for easy composition
5. Built-in sampler, which allows playing SwarMala instruments from an external keyboard/MIDI device
6. Record MIDI from external keyboard
7. An extensive library of typically used musical parts which can be used as the basic framework to compose your music
8. Ability to export SwarMala compositions as a standard MIDI format file
9. Ability to set the desired rhythm cycle (taal) for easy-to-read display
10. Optional reverb sound

SwarMala Accompaniment has been developed with the needs of a performing Indian musician in mind. SwarMala Accompaniment can act as your own personal accompanist on Tabla, Harmonium, Tanpura (drones) or any other instrument supported by SwarMala framework. The key features of SwarMala Accompaniment are:
1. Simple design with minimal and essential navigation controls for most basic needs
2. Intuitive and friendly Windows graphical user interface
3. Three independent channels for accompaniment using (possibly different) instruments simultaneously
4. Independent volume controls for each channel, and independent tempo controls for Tanpura and Melody/Percussion channels
5. Ability to automatically change the tempo after a specified number of rhythm cycles
6. Automatic beat synchronization of melody and percussion channels
7. Display of current beat number (matra) and rhythm cycle (Aavartan) number
8. Ability to save your accompaniment settings for easy retrieval later
9. An extensive library of accompaniment tracks (including hundreds of Tabla taals and Lehras, to begin with)

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The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $99.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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