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  • Date: Nov 26, 2012
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Surfing Tunnel Download
Free Download Surfing Tunnel 1.7.0

Surfing Tunnel is a personal proxy for anonymous surfing on internet. Easy to use, simple solution for anonymous surfing. Tor network is a distributed, anonymous network, Surfing Tunnel establishes a encrypted connection with Tor network. Accessing internet through this connecton, you can get much benefit.

Surfing Tunnel Features:
1. Protect your personal information away from tracking.
2. Access any website including that blocked by your ISP or company.
3. Stop search engines from profiling your Internet surfing.
4. Hide the location of where you are surfing from.

Installation is simple. Just double-click the setup file and follow the instructions, maybe you need to choose the directory you put the files.
After you installed Surfing Tunnel, you can uninstall it from start-menu-item "Uninstall SurfingTunnel", also you can uninstall it from "Add/Remove Programs" in the "Control Panel".

Using Surfing Tunnel
Surfing Tunnel is very easy to use. Quick start with 3 steps!
1. Configure Parent Proxy
If you access internet directly, you can ignore this step. If you acess internet through proxy, for example, you are behind of firewall in Local Area Network of company, you need configure your proxy settings. Click menu - "Option | Parent Proxy Settings...", in the dialog, input your proxy settings - "IP Address:Port" or "Automatic Script". If the proxy needs authentication, please fill in username and password, specially, if you are in domain, do not forget to fill in domain name.

2. Start Connect Process
Click button - "Start", it will start to establish a connection for virtual tunnel, this will maybe take a few minutes. Usually, it take a long time for first connecting, then it saves the caches. So, it will establish connection quickly in future.

3. Change Browser Settings
When connection is OK, please change your browser's proxy settings to "", i.e. the proxy ip address is "", port is "6006".

In "Internet Explorer", click menu - "Tools | Internet Options...", goto "Connections" tab, If you access Internet by LAN, then enter "LAN Settings", check "Use a proxy server for your LAN", and fill in Address - "", Port - "6006", finally, click "OK" button to save these settings; If you access Internet by Dial-up or VPN connection, then choose the connection name, and click "Settings", check "Use a proxy server for this connection", and fill in Address - "", Port - "6006", finally, click "OK" button to save these settings.

In "Mozilla Firefox", click menu - "Tools | Options...", goto "Network" tab, enter "Settings...", choose "Manual Proxy Configuration:", fill in "HTTP Proxy" - "", Port - "6006", mark ""Use this server for all protocols", finally, click "OK" button to save these settings.

For other browser, e.g. Safari, Opera, please make the similar settings.

That's all, now you can surfing on internet anonymously in security. Your real public ip address on Internet is hidden, and you can access any websites including that be blocked by your ISP or your company. Unique shortcoming is the speed is a bit slower than normal environment, but it is worthwhile.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $39.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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