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Text, e-mails, pictures and graphics as well as mp3 data - the data flood is growing and important information is all too often not findable. This costs time, money and nerves. Superior Search - the most efficient software for Desktop Search on the market - finds a remedy. Superior Search finds fast and reliable data on each pc and all network drives, as well as in Outlook 2007 - independent of the data format.
Different Versions for different operating conditions
We offer two different versions for the Desktop Search - Superior Search Home Edition which is free and later the Superior Search Professional Edition, which is more powerful and will be charged for a low price. Common for both versions - extreme user-friendly.
The Graphical Interface is self explanatory and Superior Search will be exploited click by click. Strike accuracy and high speed search facilitate the handling of Superior Search additionally.
* Find what you're looking for in spite of wrong inputs: Fuzzy logic helps you find files even if you misspell words or link them wrong.
* Superior Search is standard for the Office search. Take advantage of our fantastic search tools on your PC or network and in all common texts and Office documents (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, HTML, PDF, PS, etc.).
* Content Security. It also searches in password-protected archives. You can also take advantage of this function by keying in the password.
* Search in compressed files. Find your documents and files even if they are archived. Superior Search supports most of the archive's types used on PC (such as ZIP, RAR, ARJ, ACE, GZIP, TAR, etc.) so you don't have to unpack them manually to process searching.
* Searches in emails (attachments). Now you can find texts and documents in e-mails. Take advantage of this tool for searching in mail bodies and attached documents, even if they are archived. Superior Search supports Outlook, Outlook Express, UNIX Mailbox and The Bat!.
* Fast decisions. Take advantage of the preview window so you don't need to open the document in host application to see if you have found the right document.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this search tool software.

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