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SuperNotecard for Scriptwriting Download
Free Download SuperNotecard for Scriptwriting 2.3

Manage scriptwriting projects using notecards. SuperNotecard for Scriptwriting uses virtual notecards to help you manage your scriptwriting projects. Create scenes, add them to decks and keep it straight with categories, references, flags and more.

1. Scene Focus with Narrative Awareness
In SuperNotecard each scene is a card that you can shuffle and arrange on the screen. Press a key to edit any scene or drag-and-drop to link it to other elements in the script. Create oulines by moving notecards into decks and survey it all from the handy project explorer or via the keyword search function.

2. Intelligent Script Formatting
Organization and inspiration may be more than half the battle, but editing the action, dialogue, shots and headings are still crucial to efficient scriptwriting and essential to catapulting the script out of the planning stage.

This approach focuses on the basic compositional parts and keeps the structure flexible so that it can be easily rearranged. SuperNotecard offers several ways to view and organize the notecards and makes it easy to find and revisit them.

Using a simple color-coding system, SuperNotecard enables writers to link content to plots, categories, characters or references and these relationships can be reviewed from several perspectives. Includes smart script text formatting and exports to your favorite script editing tool.

SuperNotecard for Scriptwriting Features:
1. Assemble projects with either screenplay or stageplay text formatting, or build fiction and non-fiction works
2. Drag-n-drop cards to reorganize and refine the flow
3. Efficiently define and track characters, plots, and settings in your scenes
4. Instantly find scenes by keyword, category or character.
5. Export to Final Draft or your favorite script editing software
6. Hit a keystroke to insert a wide range of common script text elements
7. Time your scenes or flag them for follow-up
8. Enable automatic scene sequencing
9. Available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Enjoy perfect file compatibility across platforms

* Java

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $34.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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