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SubCreator Download
Free Download SubCreator

Free all in one subtitle editor, with movie player built in for synchronization.
As development progressed, SubCreator also became a good conversion tool for many subtitle formats currently being in use.

As some may already note, it's almost 4 years since the last release of SubCreator. I hoped that I will find some time to finish the 2.0 release which implementation was started long time ago. Unfortunately because of LIFE I could finish it. I was hoping that during that long time somebody will create a good player software with subtitle editing capabilities, but NOT. So I have still work do to. :) With the help of my &sidekick&, who wrote from scratch quite a promising player with subtitle support I think I will be able to release at least the player part of the SubCreator soon.

SubCreator wasn t created just to allow you to watch subtitled movies.The quality of the subtitle displaying routine just isn't good enough to fulfill these requirements.

SubCreator Features:
1. Keyboard handling
To speed up the process of creating a subtitle almost all functions for video playback, timing and processing have been assigned a keyboard shortcut.
2. Drag and drop capabilities
You can open a script or movie file in two ways
3. Playing movies
All formats supported by Windows Media Player(TM) are also supported by SubCreator.
4. Script editing
SubCreator works using its own internal format, which is very similar to the common time format. But in case of SubCreator, the timestamp format is adjustable.

SubCreator supports creation of subtitles from scratch or basing on existing text script. The application handles most common subtitle formats like time format, frame format, SRT, SSA or SAMI. It offers many addition features supporting timing processing, converting and synchronization. An interface focuses on excessive use of keyboard to speed up timing process. Default resolution is 0.1s what should be sufficient in most cases. On the download page you can find out more information about SubCreator.

Importing various types of subtitle scripts:
- Time Format,
- Frame Format,
- SRT Format,
- SSA Format,
- SAMI Format.
After opening and loading file you will be asked to convert the file to a native SubCreator format. This is the only method of importing files.

Special script processing functions:
1. stretching timeline,
2. removing timestamps,
3. delay/advance timestamps,
4. adjust length of lines,
5. swapping lines,
6. adjust duration,
7. post OCR corrections,
8. remove/transforming comments,
9. interactive line breaking.

There are a few ways available to synchronize movie and script time:
1. Synchronization of movie time according to a current caret position in the text editor.
2. Synchronization of movie and script time according to a time entered in the Time Position Field.
3. Synchronization of script time when using the Seek Movie Slider.
4. Synchronization of script time to actual movie time.

Setting configuration
Many settings of SubCreator can be customized. Among other things you can:
1. Choose the font attributes for the text editor.
2. Choose the font attributes for subtitle preview below the movie.
3. Set the time resolution (1sec. or 0.1sec.).
4. Set the default subtitle duration.

Restoring settings
Most SubCreator settings are stored in the *.INI file. Those settings include window positions, last used paths, recently opened files, all settings mentioned in the paragraph above and many more. A stored setting encompasses also all information required by the SSA export filter.

Export to other formats
The following formats are currently supported by SubCreator:
1. SSA,
2. SRT,
3. Frame Format,
4. Time Format.

Help system
In most cases help is context sensitive. Although none of the dialogs contain a Help button, each of them shows the proper help after pressing the F1 key.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this video converter software.

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