Stress Prime 2004

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  • Version: 0.40 Orthos Edition
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  • Date: Jun 22, 2008
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Stress Prime 2004 Download
Free Download Stress Prime 2004 0.40 Orthos Edition

Stress Prime will feature a torture test to stress the RAM and CPU. SP2004 Orthos Edition was tested on Windows 2000 SP4. SP2004 Orthos Edition was compiled withVC6 SP5 with the Processor Pack.

[Apr 20] Added splitter for two log edit controls, fix misc bugs
Added support for dual-threaded Prime95 torture test in one process
Added StressCPU test
Added support for Prime95's "-A", "-T", and "-W" command line switches

From Author:
I assembled a computer recently and ran a few apps to test the stability of the new system. One of the stress apps recommended by various overclocking guides and forums is Prime 95. Prime95 features a torture test to stress the CPU and RAM.
My typical usage of Prime95 was:
Start the torture test in blend mode.
Watch the test for a few minutes. If no errors occurred within a few minutes...
I turned off the monitor and walked away to do some other stuff.
Every few hours, I'd return to the computer and check on the status of the test.
Prime95 seemed to do a good job of stress-testing the CPU and RAM, however Prime95's feedback during the stress test was lacking.
I encountered the following problems with Prime95:
No easily-visible test status. It is hard to determine the current status of the stress test at a glance. The user has to scan the log text to determine if there is an error or notice if the Prime95 icon is red or yellow.
No time-related test status. There's no display of when the test started, and during the test, there's no display of how long the test has run.
Read-only log window. The user can't copy the logged text from the main Prime95 window.
I could have modified the logged text in Prime95 to improve the first two problems within the Prime95 codebase. But if I could go beyond a text-only solution, I could have greater improvements.
So I created a WTL dialog app named SP2004.exe which fixes the above problems.
SP2004 uses a redesigned user interface that calls Version 23 Prime95's torture test code. This should provide the same results as Prime95, just displayed in a different manner.
SP2004 provides:
Easily-visible test status. SP2004 displays the current status of the app in a large font on an appropriate background colour. When an error occurs during the test, SP2004 will also:
* flash the dialog window
* play a sound named fail.wav or a beep if a WAV file of that name doesn't exist
* flash the scroll lock key LED
* change the app icon from a 'dormant volcano on a sunny day' to an 'erupting volcano on an overcast day'
* SP2004's tray icon displays a tooltip window that shows the current test status

Time-related test status. SP2004 displays the test start time and how much time has elapsed.
Log window text that can be copied.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this diagnostic software.

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