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  • Date: Nov 25, 2013
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Store Manager for CubeCart Download
Free Download Store Manager for CubeCart

Store Manager for CubeCart can quickly and effectively manage your CubeCart online store. This powerful tool was developed to enhance functionality of default admin web interface, bring new cool features, automate routine tasks and simplify day-to-day operations.
Store Manager for CubeCart Features:
Category management:
1. Create, edit, delete categories
2. Manage category images, automatically resize and upload
3. Export categories from your shopping cart database into .csv file which can be easily opened in Excel
4. Import categories from .txt/.csv file provided by your supplier into your CubeCart store database

Product management:
1. Create, edit, delete products
2. Copy, paste and clone products using corresponding buttons, context menu options
3. Edit product description using HTML editor
4. Manage product images, automatically resize, upload, import/export
5. Assign multiple categories to product(s) at once
6. Easy product navigation. Quick product search with advanced search options, multiple filters and much more
7. Search for products by ID, name, model, product description and specify results relevancy.
8. Filter products by name, model, price, manufacturer, date, quantity, etc
9. Export products from your shopping cart database into .csv/.xls file
10. Update products using txt/.csv/xls file from your supplier
11. Import products into your CubeCart store database. Automatically create category tree while import or assign multiple categories. Set default values for any database field. Preform calculations while import (like add 20% to product price)
12. Add, edit, delete options and option values
13. Copy, paste aoptions feature that allows you to copy attributes from one product and paste them into multiple products at once

Customer management:
1. Add, edit, delete customers
2. Search for customers by name, address, email, phone, items purchased, etc
3. Filter customers by time period or ordered products
4. Exports customers into .csv/.xls file to use with other bulk email programs
5. Update customers using .csv file

Order Management:
1. Modify or delete orders easily: change quantity, add or delete items, adjust shipping charges or sales tax, etc
2. Search for order by customers name, date, address, etc
3. Filter orders by time period or products
4. Manage order status
5. Export orders from your database into .csv/.xls file for further analysis
6. Import orders from .csv file
7. Modify, add and delete discount coupons easily

Locations and Taxes:
1. Add, edit or remove countries, zones, tax zones, tax classes and tax rates in one place, thus saving you time
2. View and manage tax rates for individual countries and regions. This allows products to be taxed accordingly to where the purchase is coming from, and achieves a final tax rate value by adding or compounding the tax rates defined in the assigned products tax class
3. Define multiple currencies if you wish to accept payment in other Currencies

* You can make no more than 10 operations with any item (add, edit, delete, etc) during one session
* You can import no more than 10 items per session
* You can manage no more than 2 stores using one Store Manager
* Raw table editor is read-only
* Advertising banner is visible

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $149.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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