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Stereomerger Download
Free Download Stereomerger 1.121

StereoMerger runs on both Windows and Mac OSX using Suns Java-technology. Digital stereoscopic images, or stereo-images for short, can be captured in many ways. Among the most widespread methods are the standard single-lens camera (using either a slide bar, or simply the cha-cha method), beam-splitter and the dual camera rig. No matter which method you use, the work involving stereoscopic images is usually more than double the work, and double the complexity of regular images. This is where tereoMerger comes in.

Stereomerger is a 3D-photo viewer, editor and batch processor. With Stereomerger you can:
1. View and convert Stereo JPEG- and MPO-files
2. Transfer the images from your camera(s)
3. Automatically find the matching stereo pairs you have taken
4. Merge files together to create stereo-files
5. Adjust the stereo window, colors, brightness, lens-distortion
6. Add frames, text, effects
7. Remove noise, sharpen the image, soften the image,
8. Convert them to which ever format you like
9. Create wonderful prints

The heart of Stereomerger is the advanced but easy to use scripting engine. With a growing number of powerful filters and effects you have endless possibilities for image processing at hand. Since these scripts can be stored, they can be reused as many times you want and even shared amongst friends and fellow stereo photographers.

Stereomerger is a Java-program, and is developed to work on both Mac and Windows. It has also been seen running on Linux, but that's not supported.

Image processing
Among the imageprocessing filters/actions you will find the powerful automatic image adjustment filter which will automatically create a better stereowindow, rotate and align the two images so that they will give a better 3D-effect.

In addition you will find more actions like copy and paste, scaling, rotation, crop, flip and much more.

Colour processing
Stereomerger have some easy but really powerful colour filters!
1. Automatic colour adjustment
2. Channel mixer
3. Contrast and brightness
4. Gamma correction
5. Greyscale and Sepia
6. Hightlight, midtone and shadow adjustment
7. Histogram operations
8. Hue and saturation

Effect filters
1. Cartoon filter
2. Edge preserving smooth
3. Emboss laplascian
4. Gaussian blur
5. Powerfull matrix-filter
6. Mean removal sharpening
7. Median denoiser
8. Sharpen
9. Soften

Special filters
* Among the special filters you'll find 2D- and 3D-text, primitives, passepartouts, reflections, bump map and much much more.

* Java

* Will display the text “Unregistered” on all the images you view or process

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $17.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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