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  • Date: May 02, 2012
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Sprintometer Pro Download
Free Download Sprintometer Pro 6.53

Sprintometer Pro is extended version of Sprintometer which supports additionally user defined work types.

Sprintometer client supports 3 pre-defined work types typical for IT projects called 'Coding', 'Testing' and 'Management'. However sometimes project team includes additional roles like 'DB analyst', 'Configuration Manager', 'Designer' etc. therefore Sprintometer Pro supports user defined work types which can be configured on Project level in 'General' tab. Actually with this feature you can use application not only for management of IT projects but for any work which can be originally estimated and daily tracked like flat reparation, house assembling etc.

Sprintometer Pro Features:
1. SCRUM and XP (Extreme Programming) projects tracking * User defined work types
2. Unique Burn-down chart with statistical prediction
3. Unique support for both standalone and client-server mode
4. Support for variable team size
5. Quick printing option
6. Export to Microsoft Excel for all charts and spreadsheets
7. Data in local file or in shared DB on server
8. Modern and user friendly interface in Microsoft Office 2007 style
9. Numerous reports with all important Agile parameters
10. Multiple Undo/Redo support
11. Improved XML format support
12. Assignment of resources to Tasks and User Stories
13. Separate tracking of development and testing tasks
14. Change requests tracking
15. Calculation of daily scope for developers and testers to be on track
16. Secure HTTPS connection to public server
17. Password protected tracking of project budget
18. Extremely quick application response time
19. Sample SCRUM and XP projects are included
20. Easy movement of stories from product backlog to sprint

Quick start of SCRUM (XP) project tracking:
1. Download the latest version of application.
2. Extract content of ZIP archive into a local subdirectory.
3. Just run file Sprintometer.exe (installation procedure is not required).
4. Select 'New' item from application ribbon bar.
5. In popup window select project type for example 'SCRUM' and 'Tracking Units' for example 'Perfect Hours', click OK.
6. For the newly created project node enter your project name on the 'General' tab in the right pane then click 'Apply' button or just press 'Enter' key to apply your changes.
7. Right click to the project node in the left pane and select 'Add Sprint' in popup menu.
8. For the newly created sprint node enter your sprint name on the 'General' tab in the right pane.
9. Select required 'Start Date' and 'End Date' of your sprint in 'Schedule' combos.
10. In the auto-populated 'Work Dates' list select dates which are not actually work days (like weekend) and move them to the right list 'No Work Days' by clicking a button with arrow. You can use 'Ctrl' or 'Shift' + left mouse click for multi-selection.
11. Click 'Apply' button in the right pane to save sprint properties.
12. Right-click to sprint node in the left pane tree and select 'Add Story' in popup menu.
13. Enter Story properties in the right pane and click 'Apply' button.
14. Right-click to story node in the left pane tree and select 'Add Task' in popup menu.
15. Enter Task properties in the right pane including task estimation in perfect hours and click 'Apply' button.
16. Repeat steps 14-15 for all Tasks of the parent User Story.
17. Repeat steps 12-16 for all User Stories included into the first Sprint together with their Tasks.
18. Select Sprint node in the left pane tree and select 'General' tab in the right pane.
19. In the field 'Last Reported Date' which defines which day of tracking is currently the last one select first development day of the sprint and click 'Apply'.
20. Select 'Stories' tab in the right pane. In cells with dotted background you can enter daily finished hours for tasks in format 'Spent Perfect Hours/Left Perfect Hours'.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $45, you can free download and get a free trial.

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