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Springboard Download
Free Download Springboard 1.03

Springboard is a fast, light, easy-to-use Windows application for easily and quickly sketching and annotating your storyboard ideas for film, video, animation, or other dynamic media. Work with story outlines, scene images, shot descriptions, and visual annotations to show camera movements, special effects, etc. View your story as an animated movie (animatic). Use it to plan your work on-screen, print, or export to many formats to show others.

What does it do?
Springboard helps you organize and plan your story visually.

If you've never made a storyboard before: Storyboarding helps you see what your movie will look like before you shoot. This saves you time and lets you explore more options before you commit your choices to film.

If you've made storyboards on paper: Springboard preserves the simplicity of pencil and paper, plus all the flexibility and power of digital media: perfect erasing, copy-and-paste, easy backups, overlays, sound and timing, exporting directly to video and the Web, and much more.

If you've used other storyboard software: Springboard has a fluid, direct, professionally-designed interface that keeps you focused on what you're doing. Its feature list is long and growing longer. And it's free to try.

Springboard has been used for:
* Homegrown video projects
* Animated shorts
* Feature films
* Multimedia presentations
* Theatre set design
* Comics
* and more.

Main workflow
* When you create a new file, you can immediately start drawing storyboard frames.
* Enter text below each frame.
* Add new frames with a keystroke.
* Organize and reorder frames in an outline view with drag-and-drop.
* Use color-coded overlay layers for different kinds of information, like camera motion and character motion.
* Set timing for each frame either numerically or by recording durations interactively.
* Move, resize, rotate, and fade layers to create simple animation within frames.
* Record animation and frame timing interactively, for rapidly adding movement to your animatics.
* Record or import sounds - dialogue, narration, sound effects, music, etc.
* Play back your storyboard as an animatic in real time, including sounds, fade transitions and smooth camera moves.
* Print your storyboard and text in a wide variety of customizable formats.
* Supports large projects - feature films and longer.
* Export to a Web page, sequenced images, or a standalone movie file.

* Set frame durations numerically.
* Overlap two frames to fade between them.
* Record frame timing interactively and simply, in real time. Just press a key to indicate a frame transition, and optionally hold it down to indicate a fade.
* Make simple animations by changing layer opacity and by moving, resizing, and rotating layers along a keyed timeline.
* Record layer animation interactively in real time. Just move or fade the layer, and the motion is recorded into animation keys.
* Play back your animatics in real time.
* Outlining
* View a hierarchical outline of your story.
* Include Acts, Chapters, Sequences, Scenes and Shots (as well as storyboard Frames). Or, easily customize the default section types, including powerful numbering controls. Import structure settings for convenient reuse.
* Create new sections with one key.
* Reorder story elements with drag-and-drop.

* Saves to a compact internally-compressed file format.
* Import individual images or sequences from BMP, EPS, GIF, JPEG, Photoshop, PNG, Targa, TIFF, WMF, and EMF files. Full support for alpha channel transparency where supplied.
* Export to AVI and to sequenced BMP, GIF, JPEG, or Targa files.
* Preset sizes for working with DV (both NTSC and PAL) and for exporting non-square pixels.
* Export to HTML, including both frame images and text. Supports single- and multi-page formats; format templates can be edited and customized by the user.
* Save numbered backups for easy archiving.
* Split out sections into separate files for fast saving and easy collaboration.

* Full preview.
* Streamlined printing interface - no diving through nested dialogs.
* Print subsets of your story.
* Print in single or multiple columns, horizontally or vertically, left-to-right or right-to-left.
* Position text on any side of each frame image.
* Optionally truncate long frame text to emphasize images.
* Flexible frame numbering.
* Flexible titles, headers, and footers.
* Customize fonts.
* Set styles for section headings, and control which types of content get printed.
* Save and load print settings for quick use in new files.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $39.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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