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  • Date: Oct 05, 2010
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Free Download Spelling Made Simple 2.1.6

Spelling software that implements a proven method of learning spelling words. Spelling Made Simple is a program that helps people learn how to spell. Lists can be made by typing them into the program so that any desired custom list can be created. Lists can also be created and learned quickly by dragging and dropping or copying and pasting text into the software.

You can also download some lists from our site so that you don't need to create them yourself. You can see, and hear the word (based on the user's settings) and then type the answer which helps with the memorization process and is a proven method in learning how to spell. If the answer is wrong it will go back into the queue and be retried later so that the words that need more practice get tested more often. Statistics are kept with the intention that you can review improvement and review what needs to be worked on.

Whether for business people that want to make sure they can spell when presenting before their peers on a white board or 1st grade students trying not to fall behind - this tool is for you. If you spell a word wrong in public, it costs you credibility and eventually money but if your child falls behind in school now, they may never recover.

This is one investment that pays for itself immediately and can be used to keep the mind sharp. The spell check window will be shown with a few changes. If you want the misspelled words to be placed into the spelling made simple software make sure the corresponding checkbox is checked in the lower left. Select a user to the right. These are the users that are already created in Spelling Made Simple. If you need to create a different user startup Spelling Made Simple and create the user there. When a button is green, that means that the word will be sent to Spelling Made Simple. You can also just double click the correct word and it will make the change and send the word to Spelling Made Simple. The change typo button tells the software to change the misspelling, but not to send the word to Spelling Made Simple.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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