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  • Version: 2.02.04
  • Publisher: regvac.com
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  • Date: Feb 11, 2015
  • Price: $29.95
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Speed Startup Download
Free Download Speed Startup 2.02.04

Speed Startup can Clean up startup and the computer system by finding, identifying, and handling (using a unique four level process) known and hidden programs that automatically run at startup. Free Download.

* Improves both Startup and Computer System
Don't wait minutes for your computer to run through the startup items and don't allow your computer to be slowed down by all of those worthless background programs that are put on your computer.
* Gives you Control of Startup
Lets you decide what to run at startup and what not to run. For example, if you don't like some of those icons along the bottom of the screen next to the time, remove their startup item and be free of them.
* Run Cleaner with our Unique Four Level Process
Our cutting edge research and technology brings more efficiency to your computer.
* Level One - Detect and Remove Useless Items
90% of the items in startup are unneccessary and some, like spyware and viruses, are downright harmful. Even the most hidden items can be found and safely removed.
* Level Two - Move Rarely Used items to Manual Run
Why automatically start an item every day that you only use once a month? Put it in the Manual Run section and run it only when you need it.
* Level Three - Run Needed Items One at a Time in Lineup
Windows runs all startup items at the same time causing a major bottleneck of resources. Running them one at a time frees up resources and speeds up the whole process.
* Level Four - Speed Rebuild Startup Items
Each startup item is rebuilt so that it starts faster.
* Identify Each Startup Item
Our own specialized database and a constantly growing internet database of tens of thousands of startup items are used to inform you about each item, where it hides, and how dangerous it is.
* Inspects Secret and Common Startup Locations
Our extensive research has turned up many secret startup locations that other programs like MSCONFIG do not know about.
* Locks Annoying Programs Out
Some startup items do not like to be removed and will reinstall themselves. Speed Startup locks out removed items.
* Alerts When New Items are Added
You don't have to constantly run Speed Startup to find new startup items. Windows' startup locations are automatically checked for you. When new items are found, you are notified and prompted what to do with them.
* Don't Worry about Making a Mistake
Items can easily be moved from one level to another and can easily be restored to the way things were before.
* Easy for You
A diagnosis and quick, easy, one-click solutions are at your disposal.
* Results May Vary
Please be aware that the more startup items you have on your computer the greater the improvement Speed Startup will give. On the other hand, if you have few startup items, the improvement may not be noticeable. Keep the startup items cleaned out with Speed Startup.
* Try Speed Startup for FREE
Download the trial version using the link below (the trial version is fully functional with nag screens).

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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