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  • Version: 10.2.6
  • Publisher: www.speak-a-message.com
  • File Size: 17.39 MB
  • Date: Dec 27, 2016
  • License: Freeware
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Speak-A-Message Free Home Edition Download
Free Download Speak-A-Message Free Home Edition 10.2.6

Speak-A-Message Free Home Edition replaces written text with your voice: Just record and send, it provides a rich communication experience that enables you to create and email your own audio messages and to listen to audio messages in your inbox.

It is free for private use and can be downloaded here. Speak-A-Message can also be used to add audio comments to text documents or to add your voice comments to presentations. You can also add great sound effects to your messages and change the user interface to your liking. Many skins are already available for Speak-A-Message and you can even create your own skin from a digital photograph or image. You can attach any skin to a message. When listening to the message, the recipient will see your skin.

Speak-A-Message Free Home Edition enables you to send voice emails, using your default email client. The program provides a simple recording interface and automatically attaches the WMA compressed recording to an outgoing message. If you are using Outlook, Speak-A-Message will integrate directly with your email toolbar.

Use Speak-A-Message to
* record
* playback
* send
* audio messages.

1. Excellent audio compression: A 4-minute voice message requires only about 500kB
2. Recorded audio messages can also be played back on common media players
3. Add sound effects to your voice messages
4. Enter author and title for an audio message
5. Messages can be marked as private (playback should occur in private or with headphones)
6. Sends audio messages via your email client
7. Also works with browser-based email
8. Integrates into the menu of MS Outlook
9. User interface is fully skinnable; you can create your own skin from a picture in seconds
10. Attach skins to a voice message
11. Voice notes, voice comments and recordings of talks can be added to: MS PowerPoint presentations and MS Word documents

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this email tool software.

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