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Tired of cleaning your mailbox from unwanted emails again and again The intelligent Anti-spam filter will help you to get rid of spam in your favorite email client. Do you have the same troubles as me Here is an excellent and popular Anti-spam filter I will show you. That is SpamAssassin which came from JAM Software. Whether we're a business or home user, we can take control of our email and stop spam with Anti-spam filter. It keeps important email in our inbox, moves our electronic newsletters into their own folder, and stops spam. With spam messages out of our way, email is actually a productivity activity again! Following is the detailed introduction of this anti-spam filter.

SpamAssassin is a mature and highly sophisticated mail filter to identify spam. SpamAssassin was written in Perl and is distributed under the terms and conditions of the Apache Software License 2.0. In addition, SpamAssassin provides a free trial for us but only can be free used 30 days and some functions of it are disabled. It is standalone software and does not need any extra software and hardware requirement. SpamAssassin does not contain any adware or spyware. It works with most recent variants of Windows.

The key functions and advantages of this spam filter include:

1. SpamAssassins power is based on three interrelated principles: multi-technique approach, modularity and extensibility. Multi-technique approach refers to the different kind of analysis instruments that can be used to filter mail. Every approach analyses mail on a different level.

2. SpamAssassin has a modular structure, reflecting it's multi-technique approach. Each of these modules performs a special analysis and return a score for the examined email. The sum of all points of the modules results finally in the "Spam core". The higher this score is, the greater is the possibility that the examined email is spam. This concept is ideal for combination with SpamAware, because SpamAware can choose, which scores to use for spam identification.

3. SpamAssassin provides a set of methods for us. The most important methods are here listed: Tests on the e-mail head like queries against the servers over which the email was allegedly passed on, to find out whether these do really exist. Static tests: ranging from lexical investigations of the email head and trunk, up to the investigation of complete stereotypes. Analysis of character sets with refers to local use. Inquiry at RBL (Real-time Black hole Lists) servers, where hash values for already classified spam are registered. Inquiry of URL blacklists those list internet sides, which were already recognized as an advertising goal of spam mail. Automatic "white listing": Putting the sender's email addresses on the white list, if the total score did not achieve a certain value. Use of a Bayes filter: A filter, which evaluates the message by complex statistic algorithms.

4. Among other things, we can set a threshold value in the Spam Tab of the Options menu, which is a criterion for spam if reached. The score of an examined message can be found in the head of the email again.

5. Manual training the filter is on the one hand a possibility to speed up the initialization of the filter (it becomes only active if it learned at least 200 ham mail messages and 200 spam mail messages) and on the other hand, if spam mail of one type break through again and again, to make SpamAssasin get them. It is recommended to train the Bayes also with new ham, since that likewise increases the efficiency.

All files in the Rules directory contain rules for SpamAssassin and with active Spam rules in SmartPOP2Exchange V6 they are automatically used. If this is not sufficient, we should try to vary the value of the threshold or create or add own Spam rules.

With all these features, simple interface, excellent usability, low cost and free trial period - why are you still reading Download the free trial now and experience how powerful and effective it is at once! If you feel this utility is helpful indeed, introduce it to your friends please!

SpamAssassin is one of the best spam filters and it is also free. However, it usually runs on corporate UNIX servers. The goal of this open source project is to release special builds of SpamAssassin that run on Windows platform. The early versions of SpamAssassin did excellent job killing spam, but they just could not run on Win32 systems. The first successful attempt to port SpamAssassin to Microsoft Windows family was made by Dan McDonald, who wrote a pop3proxy script which was acting as a proxy between the mail client and the POP3 server.

As it has already been mentioned, the primary goal of this project is to release special builds of SpamAssassin that run on Windows platform. The original SpamAssassin is a filter that takes the message from standard input and returns the processed message to standard output. The set of SpamAssassin for Win32 command-line tools includes two utilites that work like that: spamassassin.exe and spamc.exe. The difference between them is that the latter requires the resident daemon spamd.exe and achieves much better performance, which is particularly important for mail servers.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this anti spam software.

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