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  • Date: Nov 19, 2013
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SpacEyes3D Viewer is software to interactively visualize 3D models made with SpacEyes3D Builder. Real time 3D visualization of terrain model, and DTM analysis.

It uses the same rendering engine that SpacEyes3D Builder. Based on advanced technology of streaming, the software allows users to view 3D models local or online. The interface is easy to use dedicated visualization and consultation: simple, friendly SpacEyes3D Viewer is intuitive for all users.

It also proposes DTM analysis and 3D visualization features:
* 3D visualization of DTM and dynamic layout of georeferenced image,
* DTM by products computation features (hill shading, slopes, aspect, colored relief, contour lines).

SpacEyes3D Viewer offers many opportunities for browsing and consultation:
1. Interactive real time 3D navigation,
2. Map location of the cursor (x, y, z)
3. Exaggeration of relief, choice of focal
4. Vision anaglyph (stereo)
5. Screenshot
6. Taking simple measures
7. Coordinate searches.

SpacEyes3D Viewer Features:
1. 3D construction feature to build quickly a 3D base from any DTM and georeferenced image
2. Processing features to compute thematic maps from DTM (shaded relief, slope map, aspect map, colored relief, contour lines)
3. All common raster DTM formats (regular grid) are supported (bil/hdr, asc, GeoTiff...).
4. All common image formats are supported (ECW, GeoTiff, MrSID, Jpeg2000...).
5. The software is optimized to read big datasets without preprocessing.
6. SpacEyes3D Viewer also supports remote imagery servers (WMS, WCS, ECW...).

* OpenGL

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this 3d graphic software.

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