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SoundStepper Download
Free Download SoundStepper

SoundStepper is a telescope controller to help you with your work, uses audio hardware to real-time control step motors of a telescope mount, it requires only simple external analog current amplifier to operate.

1. SoundStepper can control up to 3 motors (RA, Dec and focuser) of a equatorial-mounted telescope.
2. SoundStepper can control any type of equatorial-mounted telescopes with step motors. Manual-pointing mounts (ex: barndoor, poncet platforms, "polar axis", threaded-rod driven mounts), "meridian-flip" mounts (ex: GEM or cross-axis), and "no-meridian-flip" mounts (ex: Fork, yoke, horseshoe, split-ring).
3. SoundStepper can "sync" and "go-to" manual-pointing mounts, making faint objects easier to find (manually center scope on a star, find the star in Cartes du Ciel, right-button, "sync", right-button on faint object, "go-to").
4. Using analog control, SoundStepper drive step motors with quietness, smoothness and linearity. With adjustable linearity, the typical wobbling is 1/20 of step. Like microstep controllers, it can put the motors in any position between step positions.
5. No PICs, no small SMD microsoldering, no EPROM, no switching interference. SoundStepper uses a simple (SUGGESTED) analog current controller, plugged on cheap USB-AUDIO device, to drive a stepper.
6. No MS-DOS dedicated computers. SoundStepper does realtime control sharing the computer with planetarium, photo/video capture and others applications, in Windows. It take advantage of the audio devices buffering and autonomous playing.
7. SoundStepper has built-in PEC and NPEC (periodic and non-periodic error correction systems). With NPEC, the entire threaded rod can be "trained", enabling the use of cheap thread rods, and the "thread rod/nut/arm" system (like "Astrotrac").
8. Main screen with keyboard arrows "control box" (find, center and guiding), go-to, flip, park/unpark and focuser controls.
9. LX200 command interface compatibility, enabling the use of LX200 ASCOM driver, through any virtual serial-TCP redirector. The TCP/IP interface enable control the scope from a remote computer.
10. Configuration screen with many controls, to match SoundStepper with your motors and mount.
11. Autosave and autorecover last telescope and motor positions (crash recover)

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this audio utility software.

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