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Soccer Lineup Manager is a useful software for soccer coaches. Soccer Lineup Manager is software that provides a youth soccer coach with the ability to set lineups, track game results, build a practice schedule and track individual player statistics. The user defines all statistics that are to be tracked (goals scored is the only pre-defined stat). This program is most useful for the coach who is concerned about ensuring equal playing time for each player - the software tracks the number of times each player plays each position for the game and for the season.

1. Creating your lineups is as simple as dragging a player's name to the appropriate position, the software keeps track of how many times each player has been placed at a particular position for the entire season.
2. The main form of the software gives you a quick look at game results, player results, and practice plans. All of the functionality of the software is accessible through this form.
3. Create a team by selecting the "Add/Edit Teams" button on the Main Form, or by selecting the "Teams" menu item in the "Setup" menu. A Team must be created before you can use the other functions of the software.
4. Create a season for a Team by selecting the "Add/Edit Seasons" button on the Main Form, or by selecting "Seasons" menu item in the "Setup" menu. A Season must be created for a Team before you can use the other functions of the software.
5. Add Players for the Season by selecting the "Players" button on the Main Form, or selecting the "Players" menu item in the "Setup" menu. Simply type each player's information in the form.
6. Define your lineup formations by selecting the "Formations" button in the Main Form, or by selecting the "Formations" menu item in the "Setup" menu. To add positions to a formation, simply click on a square on the soccer field that is displayed.
7. User Fields are used to track stats for your team and for the opposing teams. The software by default only allows for tracking goals scored. If
8. Position Groups are used in defining Formations and in determining the number of times a player has played a certain position.
9. Create a new game by selecting the "New Game" button on the Main Form. The "Games" form is displayed which allows you to enter the date of the game and the opposing team.
10. Update or delete a game from the Main Form by double-clicking on the row header of the game that is to be deleted. This action will open a form that will allow for deleting the game or changing the game's date or opponent.
11. Create the lineups for a game by selecting the "Lineups" button in the Games section of the Main Form. The Lineups form shows the positions that were defined for the selected formation, and the names of the players on the team.
12. Create a practice plan by selecting the "New Practice" button on the Main Form. Enter the date of the practice, a short description of the practice, and the practice plan.
13. View the game statistics for a Team, Season, or Player by selecting the "More Results" button on the Main Form.
14. Use this function to backup or restore your database and key file. It is important to back these files up to some removable media in case of system crash. The key file is needed to allow you to continue to have unlimited use of the software, and the database contains all of the game data that you have recorded.

* Allows you to enter only 5 games in the unregistered version

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $10.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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