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  • Date: Jul 19, 2010
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SoapBox Server Express Edition Download
Free Download SoapBox Server Express Edition 4.3.708.2010

Scalable XMPP Server. SoapBox Server manages secure XMPP communications across domains and platforms with unmatched performance. SoapBox Server is the only XMPP solution scalable to 1/4 million concurrent sessions on a single CPU, and which supports real-time interoperability with extraordinary throughput exceeding 120,000 messages per second.

Why SoapBox is the only choice for XMPP
1. Robust: Mature, stable enterprise XMPP application
2. Secure: XMPP architecture done right
3. Scalable: No other platform comes close
4. Compliant: Sets the standard for delivering the New Dial Tone

SoapBox Server elegantly manages secure XMPP EIM across organizations. SoapBox Server is also the most cost effective EIM server to deploy and maintain.
1. Highly Scalable, reliable, and extensible XMPP Server
2. Provides remote management of one or more SoapBox Server instances
3. Provides standards based web collaboration using BOSH
4. Multi-User Chat and Conferencing
5. Active Directory, NT, and LDAP integration
6. Composite Sockets

SoapBox Server Express Edition Features:
1. BOSH: Both Soapbox Server 2010 and SoapBox SDK Studio include a high performance IIS6/7 x86/x64 handler for integrated web collaboration.
2. Composite Sockets support BOSH, XMPP, legacy SSL Jabber, Adobe policy file requests and Silverlight policy file requests on a single listening socket.
3. Multicasting Extension: SoapBox Server now has a multicasting extension for optimized delivery of messages.
4. Archiving Extension: A high performance archiving extension in now included. This extension was developed originally to support the U. S. Department of Energy's need for archiving high volumes of emergency messages.
5. XML Compression: A proprietary XML compression library is now included. It was developed to accommodate high-volume, data-intense communications. The library is deployed in various client sensor nets.
6. C++ XMPP Library: Scheduled for mid-2010 release, the library is a very small, portable C++ XMPP library.

Features that matter
1. Multi-User Chat and Conferencing
All editions of SoapBox Server support multiple user conferencing allowing users to create highly productive conference rooms allowing teams to communicate with one another.

2. Rapid Deployment
Setting up SoapBox Server for the first time has never been easier. The simple wizard is optimized to get your SoapBox Server up and running in a matter of minutes.

3. Automatic Configuration of SoapBox Server Manager
The new SoapBox Management Studio is now launched automatically after install and pre-configured so you can start administering your SoapBox Server right away.

Enterprise Ready!
1. Message Archiving and Auditing
Administrators can now easily archive user messages with the Enterprise Edition. This provides built in auditing of communications.

2. Exceptional Scalability
SoapBox Server server can achieve sustained throughput of ~122,000 messages per second. This is in a real-world configuration where all messages, both sent and received, travel across the network within a customer's production environment.

System Administration at Light Speed
1. SoapBox Server Management Studio
SoapBox Server Management Studio allows for easy remote administration from anywhere that supports an XMPP connection. Administrators can manage users, policies, view trace logs, run reports, and much more.

2. Policy Administration
Policy administration empowers administrators to manage their user group permissions. This allows system administrators to assign user access to different system resources by assigning a user group to a policy.

3. Managed Rosters
The fastest and easiest way to automatically populate and maintain your user contact lists. The contact lists automatically synchronize with Active Directory, NT domains, and LDAP dynamic groups so little to no maintenance is required.

4. Secure, Managed Conferencing
You now have the ability to manage your text conferencing server. Decide who can participate in which rooms, who can speak in rooms, password protect your rooms, and much more. See SoapBox Server Administrative Guide for more information.

5. Integrated Performance Counters
Windows Performance Counters are heavily integrated into SoapBox Server. This improves system administrator productivity, reduces debugging and maintenance time on deployed applications. Overall it results in a lower total cost of ownership.

6. Administrative Trace
Built in trace that allows the administrator to look at the detailed inner workings of the server. This can be helpful in analyzing malicious activity, live user activity, and debugging customized messaging solutions.

Interoperability & Enterprise Integration
1. XMPP Based Communications
SoapBox Server communicates using the eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) which has been adopted by over 10 million users and over 5 million corporate users worldwide. It is the worlds most adopted instant messaging standard.

2. Server to Server Communications
SoapBox Server communicates with XMPP compliant servers. Providing true interoperable instant messaging communications. Server to Server communications are secure because SoapBox Server can easily be configured to communicate with only other secure XMPP servers.

3. Active Directory, NT, and LDAP Integration
All editions of SoapBox Server support Active Directory, NT, Sun ONE Directory, and Novell eDirectory integration. All users that have access to your directory deployment now have access to communicate using SoapBox Server.

4. Single Sign-On
Organizations running SoapBox Server with Active Directory have single sign-on capabilities. Your users will never have to enter a password again! Simply install SoapBox Communicator 2010 in Single Sign-On mode (click for the Install Guide) and start it up. That's it!

* Net Framework
* Limited to 100 users, limited features

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this server utility software.

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