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  • Date: Dec 09, 2012
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SnapRAID is an application to make a partial backup of your disk array. If a disk of your array fails, even if it's completely broken, you will be able to recover its content.

A backup program for disk arrays. It stores redundancy information in the disk array, and it allows recovering from up to two disk failures. It is mainly targeted for a home media center, where you have a lot of big files that rarely change.

SnapRAID Features:
1. You can start using SnapRAID with already filled disks.
2. The disks of the array can have different sizes.
3. You can add more disks at any time.
4. If you accidentally delete some files in a disk, you can recover them.
5. If more than two disks fail, you lose the data only on the failed disks. All the data in the other disks is safe.
6. It doesnt lock-in your data. You can stop using SnapRAID at any time without the need to reformat or move data.
7. All your data is hashed to ensure data integrity and avoid silent corruption.

You can see the Compare page to see it compared to other similar solutions. In short, it's Reliable, OpenSource, Multiplaform and Free.

SnapRAID is a command line application. It provides only a backup/redundancy functionality. All these other services are better provided by other tools.

Usage: snapraid [options]

-c, --conf FILE Configuration file (default snapraid.conf)
-f, --filter PATTERN Filter the files to processs
-Z, --force-zero Force synching of files that get zero size
-E, --force-empty Force synching of disks that get empty
-s, --start BLKSTART Start from the specified block number
-t, --count BLKCOUNT Count of block to process
-v, --verbose Verbose
-h, --help Help
-V, --version Version

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this data backup software.

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