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  • Date: Jul 26, 2010
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Smoothboard Download
Free Download Smoothboard 2.0

Smoothboard is the latest Wiimote Whiteboard \ Wii Whiteboard software that allows you to turn any screen surface into an interactive whiteboard easily with just a Wii Remote and an infrared (IR) pen.

This software provides an intuitive interface that will enable users to interact with their computer directly at the screen. Smoothboard also allows you to control the computer when you are away the screen with the use of the Wii Remote.

Extended Annotation features
1. Size, Color, Shape (Line, Arrow, Rectangle, Ellipse, Scribble)
2. Undo/Redo
3. Eraser/Erase All (click Erase twice)
4. Select and Move/Resize

Screen Tools (Background Color (White/Black), Background Lines/Grid, Snapshot Screen, Snapshot Region, Open Snapshot Folder).
Smart Menu, alternative to Floating Toolbar. Allows quick access to Right Click, Middle Click Scroll and all the Floating Toolbar's functions.

Click and Hold trigger - Activates Right Click or Smart Menu if the IR pen is held down for about 1 second.
Floating Toolbar is now resizable and can be docked to the sides of the screen.

Outside Screen Toggles now fixed with Up and Down triggers on both sides of the screen. Bottom of the screen used to toggle to Right Click.

Smoothboard Features:
1. Turn your screen into an interactive whiteboard with just a Wiimote and IR pen
2. Smoothboard will automatically connect your Wiimotes!
3. Use your Wiimote as a Wireless Presenter
4. With two Wiimotes, you can have both the Whiteboard and Presenter modes.
5. Present your lessons and ideas with Smoothboard's built-in annotation feature.
6. Snapshots can be saved easily.
7. Annotate on top of any window with the Pen and Highlighter tool.
8. Shapes can also be used to enhance your presentation.
9. Quick access to Annotation tools and control your presentations with the customizable Floating Toolbar and Smart Menu.
10. Change slides during your presentation by clicking on the outside screen area.
11. Outside screen area can be used to scroll long documents and websites.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.99, you can free download and get a free trial.

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