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The complete photo and video slideshow publishing solution. SlideShowPro for Flash is a component built for Flash authoring application. It is compatible with all versions of Flash (going all the way back to Macromedia Flash MX 2004), and can be easily installed and used with any new or existing FLA document.

Drag and drop
To add SlideShowPro, open the Components panel and drag/drop the component to the Stage. When released, you'll see a live preview of the component (preview shown at left). And just like any other object in Flash (like a Movie Clip), you can resize the component, move it around, and position it wherever you like. All internal elements are re-drawn with each change, so it conforms to the size you need.

Fully editable
All of SlideShowPro's parameters (over 100 of them) are editable in Flash's Component Inspector panel (shown right). This single interface provides total control over everything inside SlideShowPro, from element visibility, color, transparency, behavior, layout, and much more. When assigning colors, the panel provides a handy eyedropper palette to select an existing swatch, or to type in a custom hex value. Parameters can also be saved and re-used with new component instances using our free export / import scripts (Flash CS3 or higher required).

Dynamic content
All of the photos and videos loaded by SlideShowPro for Flash come from outside the SWF file that Flash publishes. This gives you complete freedom to update your published slideshow whenever you want, without having to publish more SWFs from Flash. This all happens through a single external XML file. You can create one yourself (we provide instructions), load a Media RSS file, use one of our free scripts, or use SlideShowPro Director - a CMS we custom built for SlideShowPro that allows you to upload, manage, and build collections of slideshow content. And when content is requested from Director, images are published at the exact sizes required for optimum quality.

Publish to preview
To see your slideshow, test publish a movie within Flash. Modify it's behavior, size, style, whatever you like. When your SWF is ready to display online, upload the SWF and requisite assets to your server, embed the SWF in a HTML document (we provide all the instructions you need, if necessary) and load in a web browser. When you're done, build another one! You can use SlideShowPro for Flash over and over to create all the slideshows you want. That's what it's designed for.

SlideShowPro for Flash Features:
1. Photos, videos or both
SlideShowPro can load both photos and videos (FLV, or H.264 formats with latest Flash Player installed) in a slideshow. Inline media player provided with video.
2. Resizable
SlideShowPro fits into your existing site design. Large, small, tall or wide - you have total control over SlideShowPros width and height.
3. Need your slideshow to match your web sites color palette? No problem. Change the color of any interface item with the eyedropper.
4. Attach hyperlinks
Load a new web page, a larger version of a photo, a pop-up window, or any URL you want by attaching hyperlinks to your slideshow content.
5. Unlimited content
Whether you have one album or a hundred, SlideShowPro can handle thousands of assets and neatly organizes all your content in one place.
6. Auto-playback
Customizable transition pause and length for photos. Videos can automatically switch to next piece of content upon completion.
7. Smart preloading
Load images one at a time to conserve bandwidth, or load them all at once for a faster user experience. Its up to you.
8. Add music or narration
Tell a story or set the mood with streaming MP3 audio. Assign an MP3 file to your album and itll playback alongside your photos.
9. Full screen mode
See that button at the far right? Click it! SlideShowPro can jump in and out of full screen mode without stopping playback.
10. Customizable buttons
Want to remove certain navigation buttons? Or replace them with your own? You can setup any MovieClip in your FLA to replace a button.
11. Built-in image formatting
Photos or video not the same size as SlideShowPro? No problem. They can be scaled proportionally or cropped to fit the component.
12. Multiple transitions
Choose from Cross Fade, Fade to Background, Photo Flash, Lens, or a variety of Wipe directions for smooth photo/video transitions.
13. Requirements:
Extension requires Macromedia Flash MX 2004, Flash 8, or Adobe Flash CS3.

Unique features
SlideShowPro for Flash includes everything mentioned above, plus a few features that are unique to the Flash component version.
1. ActionScript 2 and 3 API
Know a little ActionScript? If so, SlideShowPro has a full-featured API (both ActionScript 2 and 3) that contains all the properties, methods and events developers crave. Do things like control SlideShowPro from buttons outside the component, display photo captions and titles in external text fields,

2. Customizable buttons
Want to use your own buttons inside the slideshow? No problem. SlideShowPro gives you access to the embedded buttons by allowing you to swap them out with your own movie clips.

3. Sound effects, watermarks, embedded typefaces
Because SlideShowPro for Flash leverages Flash itself, there are all kinds of customizations you can make to your published movies, including embedding sound clips for use as interface sound effects, layering a custom watermark over slideshow content, and embedding typeface outlines for use inside SlideShowPro's interface.

4. Plays nice with existing Flash content
Already have some Flash content you'd like to add a slideshow to? No problem. SlideShowPro drops right into your existing Flash. Drag and drop it in, or dynamically load as an external SWF.

* Only capable of loading one album that contains three pieces of slideshow content. Additional content is simply ignored.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $39.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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