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  • Date: Mar 10, 2015
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Free Download Slide Effect 1.12.5

Slide Effect is a software tool to create presentations or slide-show in a few mouse click with really advanced effects to impress your audience. Slide Effect use the power of your 3D video card to display advanced effects you haven't seen before. You can use all your favorite media and incorporate it in your presentation. You can also synchronize everything with the music and display an equalizer as background.
You don't want to create another lame and ugly Powerpoint presentation.
Amaze your audience! Slide Effect use the power of your 3D video card to display advanced effects you haven't seen before.
Use your favorite media! Simply import all your pictures and movies to the presentation.
Sounds good! You can add your favorite song to the presentation and simply synchronize everything with it. You can also display a 3D equalizer as background.
Save time! Create your synchronized presentation in a few minutes using one of our many predefined transition or animation effect.
Easy to use! No need to be an advanced user to use Slide Effect: everything can be done on a few mouse clicks.
Export! Create installable standalone screensavers or executables you can share with your friends or even sell to others.
Slide Effect user interface is really easy to understand:
On the left you have the list of slides.
On the main tab you simply drag and drop the element of each slides and in a few clicks set the animation and effects for each one.
on the Background tab, you select one background by clicking on its thumbnail.
Then, on the Transition tab, you choose the transition you want to use between the current slide and the next one
That's it, just click on the Play button and impress your audience.
Here follows a detailed list of Slide Effect features:
Import all your media
You can import all the media you daily use without any conversion:
* Pictures (jpg,png,bmp,gif,...)
* Movies (avi,wmv,mov,...)
* Sounds/Musics (mp3,ogg,wma,wav,...)
* Text, text and more text
You can write text on screen using one of the numerous fonts built in Slide Effect.
You can also write full realtime 3D text
You can change size, color or position of each items using your mouse

* Music synchronization
Slide Effect provides several efficient ways to create a dynamic and music synchronized presentation:
You can tell all your objects (pictures,movies or text) to animate following the music volume,bass,medium or treble.
You can put a 3D equalizer as background of your animation.
On preview, music is always exactly synchronized even if you don't preview your first slide: It is very fast and easy to synchronize some manual effects.

* Special effects
You can simply set a start, an end and a continuous effect to each of your object in the slide.
For example you can set your title to appear with a flame effect, then to move according the volume of the music then fade out.

* Slide Effect provides a full set of built-in effects like:
Sparks , Flames , Moving , Rotation , Fade in/out ...and many more...

* Slide transition effects
You can also set a transition between each slides including:
3D flip , 3D Window , Rotation , Fade in/out , ...And many more...

* Export your presentation
You can export your presentation, to share it with your friends or even sell it, in one of the following format:
Standalone executable: export a standalone executable file of your presentation bundled in a system standard installer.
Standalone screensaver: export a standalone screensaver bundled in a system standard installer.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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