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SlickEdit Download
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Designed by developers for developers, SlickEdit is award winning source code and text editor is legendary among software engineers worldwide for both its rich set of coding tools and powerful time-saving programming features. A true cross-platform, multi-language source code editor, SlickEdit 2010 gives programmers the ability to code in over 40 languages on seven platforms. For over 22 years, SlickEdit has led the way in software development by focusing on developers and their evolving needs. SlickEdit 2010 builds on that experience enabling developers to create, navigate, modify, build, and debug code faster and more accurately.

SlickEdit Key Features:
1. List members
2. Surround With
3. Smart Line Selections
4. Code Navigation
5. Auto-Completions
6. SmartPaste
7. Dynamic Surround
8. DIFFzilla - Editable, Dynamic Diff Tool
9. Syntax-driven Searching
10. XML/HTML Formatting
11. Code Templates
12. Regex Evaluator
13. Preview Tool Window
14. Aliases
15. Emulations
16. References View
17. Comment Wrapping
18. Recorded and Programmable Macros
19. Syntax Expansion
20. Backup History
21. Command Line

Write More Code, Faster:
1. The keys to programming efficiency are the same in SlickEdit as any other editor. These strategies will help you write more code, faster than you ever have before:
2. Keep your hands on the keyboard - Time is wasted each time you reach for the mouse. SlickEdit contains 13 editor emulations with predefined key bindings that are ready for use in performing common tasks. Define your own key bindings or invoke editor operations from the SlickEdit command line.
3. Type as little as possible - SlickEdit contains many features that reduce the number of keystrokes you type, including: completions, syntax expansion, aliases, macros, code templates, and code generators.
4. Rapidly navigate code - Instantly jump from a symbol to its definition or view a list of references. Preview definitions for the current symbol without having to open the file. Use bookmarks to mark important locations in the code. SlickEdit includes powerful browsers and search capabilities, allowing you to quickly find the code you want.
5. Access information quickly - SlickEdit uses visual indicators to provide you with information about your code, including syntax highlighting and color coding. Special tool windows are also available for viewing information about files, classes, symbols, definitions, and more. To learn more, see Toolbars and Tool Windows, Symbol Browsing and the Editing Features chapter.
6. Let SlickEdit do the formatting - Syntax indenting, SmartPaste , and code beautifiers are just a few of the automatic formatting features in SlickEdit. For more information, see the topics in the Editing Features chapter.
7. Time-saving utilities - SlickEdit provides many utilities for working with your code, such as DIFFzilla , 3-Way Merge, Spell Check, FTP, a RegEx Evaluator, math commands, and even a calculator.
8. Integrate with other tools - SlickEdit integrates with other tools to make your world complete, including source control systems, compilers, debuggers, profilers, and analyzers.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $299.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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