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Silverlight Gantt Control Download
Free Download Silverlight Gantt Control 3.5

Silverlight Gantt Control is a rich and interactive Gantt Control for web based project management applications. The GanttControl is an MS Project like project-task hierarchy viewer with built-in scheduling and constraints support. The FlexyGantt is a very light-weight gantt control that can bind to any kind of project/resource hierarchy to display their associated tasks.

Both these controls come with an editable multi-column tree list, dynamic and zoomable time scale headers, rich and interactive task bars and now supports Printing.

Built by developers with years of component development experience, your projects have never been in better hands. Easily integrate and deploy our controls and libraries with just a development license and no runtime royalties what so ever.

Silverlight Gantt Control Features:
1. GanttControl
The GanttControl is a visually and functionally rich Silverlight/WPF control ideal for visualizing project tasks with built in support for scheduling against "working times", enforcing and visualizing dependency constraints, etc.

2. Flexible Printing support
Built-in printing feature allows you to print the full view of the gantt chart and table in multiple pages, chart and table separately or just the current view of the gantt.

3. Intuitive Data Binding
Easily bind a database table or for that matter any list with the GanttControl. Mapping your data source fields to the contol's is easily done declaratively in XAML. Binding to ADO.NET data services based data sources is fully supported.

4. MS Project Read/Write
Bind to MS Project XML files - edit task times, dependencies, resource assignments, progress information, etc., in a rich, intuitive and interactive UI.

5. Task and Dependency Editing
Easily edit task information in a hierarchical grid or in the gantt chart. Simply resize or move the tasks horizontally to change its start position. The control will also round up the edited times to customizable friendly times.

6. Built-in Resource Assignment Capabilities
The gantt includes advanced resource assignment capabilities including a built-in checkbox dropdown to assign multiple resources to a task.

7. Effort Driven or Fixed Duration Scheduling
In Effort Driven scheduling, assigning multiple resources to a task automatically adjusts the duration for the task using the formula Duration = Effort / Units.

8. Resource Leveling
Do your resources have too much work assigned to them? Easily resolve resource conflicts or overallocations using the built-in resource-leveling feature. Leveling will shift the task to a future date until the resources that are assigned to that task are no longer overloaded.

9. Critical Paths Support
Easily highlight activities that are part of the critical path in the project. Even specify a "time buffer" to include tasks that are close to affecting the project deadline.

10. Progress Tracking
End-user can easily track and drag adjust the progress of a task with an embedded progress bar. Custom
11. Individual Task Colors
Bind custom colors to individual task item properties. For example, highlight tasks whose progress is less than a set percent with a custom color, or highlight tasks that are assigned to a specific resource or highlight based on any property in the bound data object.

12. Adorn task with templates
Use custom templates to adorn tasks with custom UI elements to bring lot more information to the fore. For example, adorn tasks that are past their "planned end date" with a "red bar":

13. Culture Aware and Localizable
The control is fully culture aware and the internal text used is easily localizable. Shown below is a GanttControl with Russian strings.

14. Flexible Timelines
The gantt chart supports varying customizable time line headers. Use one or more of day, week, month or year based time line headers.

15. Days, Weeks and Months in header
Days, Weeks and Months in header You can also fully customize the look and feel of the header units using templates.

16. Robust Dependencies support
Allows setting up different types of dependencies between the tasks:
- Finish to Start (default)
- Finish to Finish
- Start to Finish
- Start to Start
You can also specify a lag between the dependent tasks.

17. Special days support
Include customizable special day markers to indicate deadlines, milestones, etc in the time line. A "Today" line is presented by default.

* Silverlight 3.0 or 4.0
* Visual Studio 2008 or 2010

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $799.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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