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  • Date: Jan 12, 2011
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Signo runs silently in your tray bar and allows you managing multiple hotkeys and textkeys and their association with various actions. Signo intends to support everything you'd want to use hotkeys for and therefore is the most feature full hotkey manager you can find, including a very large range of feature such as action hotkeys, auto-replace textkeys, screen and windows management, screen are capture tool, etc.

Signo enables you to automate a variety of tasks and actions via keyboard hotkeys. You can insert text snippets, launch applications and websites, automatically replace text macros with designated text templates (e.g type #sig in any application and will be replaced with your email signature), capture screenshots and manage desktop windows, all with the help of keyboard or text commands. The program can be used to insert email signatures, frequently typed replies or sentences, automatically correct habitual typing errors, open your favorite programs, resize or hide windows and more. Signo also includes a RAM optimizer (MiniRAM) that can reduce memory consumption for selected processes.

The Signo tool is an impressively complete hotkey manager that can handle pretty much anything you can think of doing with either hotkeys or textkeys and provides a large range of built-in functionalities you can easily leverage to boost your productivity.
Signo tool runs silently in your tray bar and allows you managing multiple hotkeys and their association with various actions. The actions supported are:
Text actions: to copy texts automatically into your current application e.g. OutlookHtml actions: to do the same as above though in a HTML format; this also allows simply copying to the clipboard rather than to the active application.
Open actions: automate the opening of files whether on your local drive or on the Internet. the Internet.
Launch actions: automate the opening of tools and execution of DOS or Windows commands, including support for parameters.
Ram actions: used to minimize the RAM usage of your applications, very handy if you sometimes run out of RAM with your setup.
Win actions: multiple multi-screen actions such as fast switch and maximize, snap windows to the sides of your screen, tray applications, hide windows or task bar, etc.
Capture actions: allows you to capture your whole screen, a window or an area you draw on your screen, to save it as an image in a file or your clipboard, or to send it to TFS or an image editor.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this desktop utility software.

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