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Shutdown Monster is a utility that can make your PC turn off at a specified time. You can set a countdown, type in an exact date and time, or even specify a file to check periodically. Shutdown Monster is a powerful, yet easy to use shutdown utility. It helps you automatize how your PC works.
* Downloading in the night, but don't want your daddy to see it With Shutdown Monster you can make your computer shut down before dad wakes up.
* Copying a CD or printing all night long No problem! Just make sure you set up everything correctly, and your PC will shut down, which leads to less power consumption!
* Rendering 3D stuff in the night OK! With all-new CPU-usage based shutdown, you can make your PC wait to finish working before shutting down.
* Do you use your PC for listening to music before falling asleep Perfect! Shutdown Monster can make the volume level slowly fade down, ensuring you'll have sweet dreams!

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this shutdown software.

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