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  • Date: Jun 17, 2008
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Serversaurus Rex is an auditing and monitoring package for Microsoft Windows based servers and workstations.

The product allows administrators to discover details about their Windows systems and then perform data collection on key performance statistics for alerting and reporting purposes. By setting thresholds, issues which degrade the performance of your systems can be identified and dealt with before they negatively affect your users. Serversaurus Rex is able to monitor all essential performance metrics including CPU, Memory, and Free Disk Space. Additionally, triggers can be set to raise alerts based on Event Log entries, and the presence or non-existence of specific processes.

SR also integrates a number of management tasks into its interface, improving the ability of network administrators to quickly troubleshoot and correct potential problems. Examples include Service and Event Log views, as well as Ping and RDP shortcuts built into the interface.

From the very first line of code, Serversaurus Rex has been designed for NOC professionals, by NOC professionals. With over 18 months of real-world testing, Serversaurus Rex has already proven itself as a solid and reliable monitoring and alerting solution.

Auditing and monitoring of all Windows-based systems via WMI.
Availability and response time monitoring of any IP-based device (e.g. routers, switches, even printers).
Windows Service monitoring and alertiing. Serversaurus Rex actively scans the services running on Windows hosts and can alert you to any service which is not running when it should be.
Windows Process monitoring and alerting. Set watchers for processes running on Windows hosts. Be alerted if a process is not running (when it should be), or when a process is running (when it shouldn't be).
Windows Event Log Mirroring and alerting. Serversaurus Rex mirrors the Windows Event Log records from Windows hosts and stores them locally. Check the Event Logs from all of your servers in a single interface, and create watchers which alert you when certain events occur.
Flexible threshold configuration. Threshold Sets can be applied to entire groups of nodes, or over-ridden on individual nodes. Apply a standard set to all of your servers and then add specific sets to key servers which require a little more attention.
Flexible alerting configuration. The alerting system within Serversaurus Rex allows you to configure extremely flexible alerts that can email contacts and execute commands. Each individual user can have a custom time window in which they receive alerts, and specific days on which those alerts are sent.
In-built HTML reporting system. The reporting system in Serversaurus Rex can be configured to send scheduled reports to contacts. Create month-end reports that arrive in people's mailboxes automatically. Serversaurus Rex includes powerful charting controls which produce attractive and informative representations of performance data.
Output Branding. Serversaurus Rex allows you to create brandings for all of your HTML output. Your customer's reports can automatically appear in their company's colors, with their company logo.
Take a look at the Serversaurus Rex Admin Guide in the Support/Documentation section for more detailed information on features and configuration.

The license of this software is Commercial,

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