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  • Date: Jun 30, 2010
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SerCrypt Download
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It's ideal for carrying your passwords and private text with you. SerCrypt is a tiny tool for a specific task: It keeps a text file secure. It's ideal for carrying your passwords and private text with you in a flash drive.

The tool has no setup, has one executable that you can copy to a flash disk or any directory in your system. Once it's opened it checks for data file, if not it asks you to create a password for its data file. After that the UI comes with an empty text area. You can enter as much text as you want here. Once done, just exit the program and it saves the text to the same directory (filename is default.bin). The encryption it uses is Rijndael 256 bits SHA1.

Be aware that once you create the file and exit the program, there is no way to recover the encrypted text if you forgot your password. Please make sure that the password works fine after deleting the originals.

How to use:
1. If you are opening the SerCrypt for the first time it will ask you to create a new file for data.
2. Then it asks you to enter a password for this file. Be careful! It doesn't verify your password twice. Make sure you entered correctly by closing the software after this screen and opening it again.
3. Once opens, you can enter any textual data to the text area.
4. If you want to close the program, and save your data, just close it from the corner X.
5. It asks if you want to save your changes. If you hit yes it creates / overwrites the default.bin file seen below.
6. If you forgot your password, you have to delete default.bin file, and the program will create an empty one with the above steps.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this file encryption software.

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