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  • Date: Jun 28, 2010
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Sentinel is a log-viewer (implemented in WPF) with configurable filtering and highlighting (foreground/background colours). A classification system allows messages to be parsed and recomposed prior to display. Includes support for being a log4net UDP Appender target.

Sentinel is intended to be a viewer for log-files from multiple sources. These may be combined into a single view, but multiple views are also supported. Log file entries map the the following interface. This is core record for a log-file entry and used to populate the columns within the live-log view.

Note, by using Classifiers it is possible to rearrange and/or change the content of these fields upon receiving a new log-entry.

Log entries may be classified, highlighted and filtered based upon special services:
1. Classifiers can change the properties of a log entry
2. Highlighters can change its appearance.
3. Filters can be used to suppress the displaying of matching entries.

1. Classifiers
Upon receiving a new log-entry it is processed through registered classifiers. Classifiers have the ability to rewrite the log-entry prior to passing it to the visualisation aspect of Sentinel. At the moment, the addition of new Classifiers is not possible without going into the code itself, this is a planned feature.

2. Highlighters
Customisable and extendible highlighters that may be toggled on and off during live preview. The current implementation limits pattern matching to the Type and System fields, although this will be extended to all fields. An example of why this is useful, in the classifiers section above, a new type of "Timing" was added, this type can get its own highlighting style.

3. Filters
Filters are very much like highlighters except their purpose is to remove log-entries from the displayed values (note, the values are not lost, just hidden). Filters may be toggled on and off during the session. Filters are evaluated in the order specified, but since filters works on an any-match = hide principle the evaluation stops on the first match, resulting on the entry being hidden.

* NET Framework

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this log analyzer software.

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