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SemSync is a project in progress for synchronizing entities between different object stores. The current implementation is done for synchronizing contact entities and comes with "Connectors" to
1. The file system (as one big or many small xml files, plus one implementation using vCards)
2. Microsoft Outlook 2007
3. Microsoft Outlook 2003 (also compatible with Outlook 2007)
4. Xing contacts using web scraping technology
5. A simple WCF online store

Synchronize entities (currently contacts) between different object stores. The Sem.Sync project was developed for synchronizing entities (currently contacts) between different object stores. It contains connectors to Microsoft Outlook, XML, vCard, CSV, Google Contacts, Microsoft Access, Wer-Kennt-Wen, StayFriends, StudiVZ, Xing and other social networks.

The project consists of a base library which contains the entity, helper classes and the execution engine. The engine will execute command which contain parameters and up to three "connectors" (source, target and baseline). You can think of a command as processing data streaming from one connector (source) to another (target). Some commands also involve a third data stream (baseline), like the merge command which can detect changes of a source and a target stream by comparing both to the baseline.

The internal data representation is a proprietary class that is serializable. The class might change (because the current implementation does not follow xNL/xAL) in the future, but currently there are more attractive goals for working with this project.

The connectors
Connectors do read/write from/to data sources like file system, online storage and processes like Microsoft Outlook.

The File System connectors
The file system connectors (with the exception of the vCard implementation) do serialize the internal objects or a list of these objects to the file system. The vCard implementation of the file system connector does currently not support all properties of the internal Contact class.

The Online Storage connector
This connector communicates with a WCF service that is also part of the package. You will have to modify the service and the connector to match your needs (security, physical storage etc.).

The Xing connector
Xing is an online business community to handle contacts. You can configure the login credentials for this portal inside the app.config. If there is no password configured, a login dialog will appear to ask for login credentials. The user id can be preconfigured inside the app.config, even if you don't want to store the password locally. The user id does always have the focus, even if there is one configured. The connector logs in, detects the contacts from the own contact list and downloads the vCards from the Xing portal. It then converts the vCards into the internal contact representation.

* NET Framework

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this file sync software.

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