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SecureDelete is a utility designed to provide the end user with a highly effective means of deleting data from their computer. The utility accomplishes this through repetitively overwriting the targeted file with random data bytes. The number of overwrites is controlled by the user.

Why SecureDelete?
A question that is often asked is "Why do I need to securely delete files?" When files are deleted through using the tools provided with the operating system, the typical method used is to remove the folder entry and then mark the location of the data as unused. The net effect of this is that even though access to the data has been removed, the actual data is still intact, at least until the space is reused for a different file. When SecureDelete is used to remove a file, the space that the file was using is overwritten with other data before the folder entry is removed.
This utility ensures that sensitive data can be eradicated from the file system, thereby preventing the data elements from being reconstituted into coherent files.

What types of files can be deleted?
SecureDelete 1.0 will delete any file on the user's computer that the user can legitimately access, except files that are marked as part of the operating system. Basically, there are only two exceptions:
1. Files that are marked as part of the operating system, and
2. Files that the user is prevented from writing to because of user permissions enforced by the operating system.
Basically, if operating system permissions allow, files flagged as read-only can be removed if the user's rights allow them to change this flag for the file.

Key Benefits
1. Securely eradicates data in selected files.
2. Files can either be selected in the UI or directly from Windows Explorer.
3. Allows the user to select the number of times the files are overwritten before removal.

A Note for Vista users
Depending upon the permissions set on the file to be removed, the utility may have to be run with administrator privileges.

Trial Version
Until SecureDelete is properly registered, it runs as a trial version that expires thirty (30) days after installation and will request that the user register their copy of SecureDelete. After the trial period, the utility will cease to function until it is properly licensed.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $25.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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