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  • Date: Apr 29, 2011
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ScanRouter EX Professional is a document distribution server used to deliver documents from MFP scanners to preprogrammed destinations.

With ScanRouter EX Professional, you can quickly and easily convert any hard-copy documents into digital files and distribute them to multiple users and/or locations on your company's network. And with the new Authentication Manager, you can integrate ScanRouter EX Professional into your corporate security scheme.

An array of distribution options
ScanRouter EX Professional offers a wide range of versatile file distribution methods:
1. Save-to In-Trays for individual users.
2. Store in PC and network folders for collaboration.
3. E-mail to customers and/or co-workers.
4. File in MS Exchange Public Folders for corporate communications.
5. Scan-to Print for scanning in one location and printing out in another.
6. Scan-to-FTP for worldwide access to documents.

The many benefits of efficiency
ScanRouter EX Professional can help:
1. Reduce the volume of paper on the desktop.
2. Scan once and send to multiple users or locations at the same time.
3. Save time and money distributing faxes via e-mail.
4. Organize non-electronic documentation such as handwritten reports, ledgers, images and photos, faxes, personnel records and forms.
5. Create digital copies for long-term document archiving.

All the tools you need
ScanRouter EX Professional can help formulate a useful document management and distribution strategy as a:
1. Network Tool: Operates within your existing networked office environment and eliminates the need for individual desktop scanners.
2. Communication Tool: Optimizes your existing communications infrastructure.
3. Distribution Tool: Accelerates the digital distribution of faxes and scanned documents to the desktop.
4. Automation Tool: Provides scanning capability from your Lanier MFP,
5. Productivity Tool: Conveniently integrates paper documents such as graphics, blue prints and forms into your digital network.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this office suite software.

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