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  • Date: Dec 21, 2010
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ScanAndSave is a Windows document scanning program that lets you use your scanner and PC to quickly and easily archive all your important documents, and greatly simplifies the process by providing pre-defined categories into which to place your document, by automatically generating file names, and by eliminating the time-consuming pre-scan required by some scanning software. Your documents are always perfectly organized and easily accessible. And since ScanAndSave stores your documents using industry-standard file formats, you can view them anywhere or share them with anyone and never have to worry about having special file viewing software. The file formats that ScanAndSave support includes PDF, TIFF, BMP, JPG, GIF, and more.

Are you tired of saving up a pile of monthly utility bills, cancelled checks, financial and bank statements for your records? Or have you tried scanning them into your computer but find that the scanning software is just too cumbersome to use, requiring you to do a time-consuming preview scan for every page, specify the size of the document each time, or requiring you to name each and every page? ScanAndSave will eliminate each of these problems, making scanning your documents as easy as 1-2-3. It helps you to scan-in and organize all your daily, monthly, quarterly, or annual statements page by page, guiding you through the process and saving everything onto your computer without breaking a sweat.

Just place your document on the scanner, select the category and size, and click Scan Now. A file name has already been generated, which you can keep or change as you wish. ScanAndSave will prompt you page by page, and automatically save the results when you are done. This document scanning software remembers all your settings so that next month, when you scan in the new statement, it has automatically generated a new name for you.

In summary, ScanAndSave allows you to:
1. Scan in all the statements and documents into your computer so you no longer need to stuff all those papers in boxes or in the file cabinet.
2. Organize all your important documents all in one centralized area, so you can quickly retrieve your documents and search for the important financial numbers that you need. Epecially during tax time!
3. Print out copies of your statements when you need. You will really appreciate ScanAndSave when you do your next re-finance of your house.
4. Email your documents easily to whoever you like, such as your accountant.
5. Enable you to conveniently backup all your documents so you can sleep well at night.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $12.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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