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Free Download Sax2 Free 4.80 Build

Sax2 Free can monitor and analyze the data transmitted in intranet and/or between intranet and extranet, or over VLAN; however, only with correct installation and configuration can the program work properly. The following sections introduce how to install and configure Ax3soft Sax2 in different network environments, including shared network and switched network.

Main Technology
1. Based on the Analysis of the Protocol
Sax2 improves system performance and efficiency with in-depth analysis protocols (IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, etc.), accurate tracking network conversations, reorganizes TCP/IP data, submitting the reorganized data to detection engine.

2. Adopt the Repaid Multi-pattern Matching Algorithms
Sax2 adopt the repaid multi-pattern matching algorithms and protocol analysis to deal with the network communications faster and more efficiently.

3. The New Components of the System Architecture
The system is composed of several modules: packets capturing, protocol analysis, matching rules, comprehensive diagnosis, incident response, security policy management, saving log and results display. With ach groupware response for a module and work together, Sax2 achieves data collection, analysis, incident response and data management of Intrusion Detection System.

4. Comprehensive recognition of internet attacks
Sax2 reduces omissions and misstatements with more than 1500 security rules to ensure the validity of attacks characteristics. Users' system will be in the best condition at any time with Sax2's knowledge base update.

5. Flexible Security Policy Settings
According to different needs, users may customize the security strategy and targeting intrusion detection system.

6. Plenty of statistical functions
Sax2 displays each IP address in network, MAC address in detail the flow, all kinds of conversations, events and so on.

7. Powerful Filtering Capabilities
Sax2 may filter all the communications according to the settings, such as, web access, email message, content of FTP transmission, MSN content and so on.

Some Functional of Sax2 Free Edition (free IDS) is restricted:
1.Can't customize the new security policy.
2.Can't automatically update the policy knowledge Base.
3.Can't customize the event response.
4.Can't provide free technical support.
5.Can't see all the log data.

Ax3soft Sax2 can be installed on many Windows operation systems, such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista and x64 Edition. Your system's performance and configuration will affect the running status of Ax3soft Sax2. The following minimum requirements are the base line to install and run Ax3soft Sax2; it would be better if your system has a higher configuration, especially in a busy or big network.

Please Notes: You are required to have the "Administrator" level privileges on supported operating system in order to load and unload device drivers, or to select a network adapter for using the program to capture packets.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this protocol analyzer software.

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