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  • Date: Apr 05, 2016
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Free Download SamLogic CD-Menu Creator 8.0.3

SamLogic CD-Menu Creator can create autoplay multimedia menu interfaces for CD and DVD. From these menus you can execute installation programs, launch applications, show documents, play movies, show graphics or explore the Internet. The menus can contain buttons, pictures, movies and sound.

With SamLogic CD-Menu Creator 2008 you can create a professional autorun / autoplay menu interface for a CD, DVD or USB flash drive in an easy way. From these menus you can start installation programs, launch applications, show documents, play movies and more.

Create a professional-looking CD menu, DVD menu or USB menu
SamLogic CD-Menu Creator 2008 is an easy-to-use tool that you can use to create a professional-looking autoplay / autorun menu for a CD or DVD. From a menu you can launch applications, start installation programs, open documents, play movies, play Flash animations, open Internet pages etc. The menu is automatically opened when the user inserts the CD/DVD in a drive. A menu can contain pictures, animations, movies, sound, music and more. With SamLogic CD-Menu Creator 2008 it is also possible to create an autorun menu for a USB flash drive.
You can add your own pictures, animations, movies and sound to a menu. SamLogic CD-Menu Creator 2008 supports most common file formats used today like: JPEG, BMP, AVI, MPEG, MP3, Flash, MIDI, QuickTime etc.
Buttons can have different visual styles
The buttons and the clickable links in a menu can be designed in a lot of different visual styles. For example they can be a text link only, a text with a frame, be of metallic style, color blended between two colors, use 3D effects or glass effects, or just a bitmap. You can also add shadow effects and light effects to the buttons and create rollover effects; for example showing a colored active frame or adding sound effects that plays when the mouse pointer is above the button.
PDF, Word, HTML, Flash, PowerPoint
With only a mouse click over a button your user can open documents and media in a large number of formats. For example you can open a PDF, Word or HTML document, start a PowerPoint presentation, open an Excel worksheet, play an MPEG movie or play a Flash animation. Movies and Flash animations can be shown directly in the menu (no external programs are needed).
Installation programs and applications
CD-Menu Creator is perfect suited to create graphical menus that will be used to launch installation programs and application programs. Both MSI installation and EXE installations can be run from a menu.
Starts automatically
The AutoRun technology in Windows is used which means that the menu will appear automatically when the user inserts the CD or DVD in the drive. So there is no need for the user to manually locate any document or installation program on the disc.
The menu appears almost immediately!
The menu shell program is very small in size (written in optimzed C++) and will therefore be loaded almost immediately after the disc is inserted in the drive. In a normal CD/DVD drive the menu will be shown after only a few seconds! You don't need to wait 10-15 seconds, which is the case with a lot of similar products on the market...
Easy to use
The visual environment in SamLogic CD-Menu Creator 2008 is very easy to use and intuitive. You will learn to use the program very fast. That means that you can create powerful menus in a very short time. You can download a demo to take a look yourself.

SamLogic AutoRun Creator and SamLogic Selector included
The SamLogic AutoRun Creator application is also included in SamLogic CD-Menu Creator 2008. With SamLogic AutoRun Creator you can create a CD/DVD or USB flash drive where a movie is played or a document opened automatically.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $79.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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