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SQL Sets allows you to quickly capture and organize snapshots of your SQL Server data into a single, self-contained file called a Portable Data Document. In conjunction with the free SQL Sets Reader, these files allow for easy sharing of and collaboration on relational data with team members and business partners, or simple saving and archiving for other purposes - with no need for a database connection or concerns about export formats.
With advanced query generation and relational data navigation tools, including Deep Fetch Queries, and features such as Bookmarking, Annotations, Grouping, Filtering and Sorting, SQL Sets provides all of the productivity features youve come to expect from traditional document management tools such as word processors and spreadsheets, with a specific focus on relational data.

* Navigate Data Faster With Bookmarking
* Often times when your working with data there are certain rows/records that need to be called out or are significant in some way. SQL Sets allows you to add Bookmarks to your data similar to most popular text editing software.
* Shed Light on Data With Annotations
* Even the most well crafted data can sometimes fall short when it comes to telling the "whole story" or providing proper context. This is why SQL Sets allows for the Annotating of specific data rows in your data documents.
* Get Related Data Faster with Deep Fetch Queries
* SQL Sets Deep Fetch Queries allow you to quickly and easily retrieve data for a specific row (or rows) of data and ALL of its children with a few clicks. Parent-Child queries made easy....
* Facilitate Data Analysis with Grouping, Sorting & Filtering
* SQL Sets allows for on-the-fly Grouping, Sorting and Filtering of data in your data documents. Use any one or all three of these features in combination with one another to shape your data in a way that provides meaning to yourself and business partners.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $149.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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