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With the help of SQL Enlight, you can easily analyze your SQL code for defects, identify and avoid potential performance, and design related issues in your SQL Server databases. SQL Enlight is a simple to use software tool, designed to facilitate, improve and accelerate the database development with T-SQL.

The tool can help the introduction of common T-SQL coding standards and readability conventions over developer teams be done with flawless.

Using its features developers can quickly identify performance and design problems, improve the readability and make the legacy T-SQL code more understandable and best fitting their personal preferences or company standards.

Common features:
1. reformat T-SQL code with set of customizable rules
2. static T-SQL code analysis using set of analysis rules
3. static T-SQL code analysis using set of analysis rules
4. analyze server programmability objects
5. analyze server and database schema
6. analyze server and database schema

Add-in features:
1. executed statements history
2. manage analysis groups and analysis rules
3. summarize T-SQL script
4. encapsulate T-SQL script as stored procedure or function
5. transact-sql statements outlining
6. validate T-SQL syntax
7. configure and store set of layout rules in layout template
8. quick switching between layout templates
9. analyze server objects from object explorer

Command line tool and MSBuild tasks features:
* generate analysis reports

SQL Enlight can help you improve quality of your code and productivity of your team. You can enforce development practices and guidelines.The tool can save you a lot of time and will help your organization in reducing the development and maintenance costs.

1. Identify potential issues earlier in development cycle - defects are cheaper to fix the earlier they are identified.
2. Produce quality code - code analysis is one of the strategies for improving code quality.
3. Improve T-SQL code readability and maintainability.

1. Develop new code faster with fewer errors.
2. Facilitate legacy T-SQL code understanding and maintenance using the layout, summarize and outline features.
3. Provides a big productivity boost by finding issues.
4. Save time - simply write your code and use SQL Enlight to identify issues with naming, design and performance in your stored procedures, function , triggers and views.
5. Refactor existing code making it easier to read and cheaper to maintain.
6. Enhance T-SQL handling in both SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio.
7. Encapsulate T-SQL script as stored procedure or function using just a few clicks.
8. Instant access to recently executed T-SQL scripts.

1. Easily enforce coding guidelines within your team and organization.
2. Make automatic code reviews.

Configurability & Extensibility
1. Highly configurable T-SQL layout templates.
2. Easily implement custom analysis rules which to follow best development team preferences and practices.

Training & Education
1. Less experienced developers can improve their T-SQL programming skills and get to know the T-SQL best practices with the help of the static code analysis.
2. Shortening learning curve for legacy and third party code.
3. Categorized set of rules with guidelines.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $135.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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